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Reader List Review: Orks 1500 points

Reader email regarding building a 1500 point Ork list.

Right, let's get to it.


Here is a list I came up with for my orks for a 1500 point game, let me know what you think!  I am the one that keeps bothering you about stormboyz!



HQ1: Big mek, KFF [85]

E1:Kommandos #15, Nob, pwr klaw, 2 burnas [215]

T1: Boyz #25, nob, pwr klaw, boss pole, 2 big shootas      [200]
T2: Same                                                                      [200]
T3: Gretchin #30, 3 Runt herds                                       [120]

F1: Warbuggy #1, Skorchas #2                                       [110]
F2: DeffKopta #3, Rokkitsx3                                           [135]
F3: DeffKopta #3, Rokkitsx3                                           [135]

H1: KillaKans #2, rokkitsx2                                             [100]
H2: KillaKans #2, rokkitsx2                                             [100]
H3: KillaKans #2, grotzooka,big shoota                            [100]

Total                                                                             1500

Again, I prefer to give the answer straight away and explain later....


Revised list:

H1: Big Mek, KFF, oiler, boss pole [95]

T1: Shoota Boyz #12, Rokkit, Nob, big chppa,trukk,rokk,grot oiler, armor plates [162]
T2: Shoota Boyz #12, Rokkit, Nob, big chppa,trukk,rokk,grot oiler, armor plates [162]
T3: Shoota Boyz #12, Rokkit, Nob, big chppa,trukk,rokk,grot oiler, armor plates [162]
T4: Shoota Boyz #12, Rokkit, Nob, big chppa,trukk,rokk,grot oiler, armor plates [162]
T5: Shoota as above or Deff dred, arm plates,Rokkitx2 [162/105]
T6: Gretchen #10, Runtherder [40]

H1: Battle wagon, armr plates, deff rolla, zzap gun, red paint, 3xbig shoota [155]
H2: Killa Kans #3, 3xgrot zooka [135]
H3: Killa Kans #3, 3xgrot zooka [135]

E1: Lootas #7 [105]
E2: Lootas #8 [120]

Total 1490

Alternatively With Dred versus 5th Boyz squad

E1: Lootas #7 [105]
E2: Lootas #7 [105]
F1: Deffkopta, rokkit, buzz saw [70]

Total 1487

**In both lists use the remaining points to taste, extra gretchen, etc.

My reasoning:

·         Before  starting a list always review your reasons for starting a list. Most fall into/lean towards one of three categories:
o   Competitive
o   Solid w/elements of theme/fun
o   Theme/fun

·         Lists are also very limited by budget and/or models built and painted.
·         Most list advice, particularly advice on the web addresses the level of competitiveness. Which may/may not be good...kinda depends again on why your writing the list.

·         My advice will most often address categories 1 or 2.
·         The revised list is my attempt at building a list that resembles yours in part and hopefully makes it more effective in concept and practice.

Big Mek with KFF: Good choice for almost any Ork army, especially those based on mech. I added a boss pole and oiler for low points just to get a couple second chances at failed rolls.

I completely changed your troop choices. With a Kan Wall or Mech list...either go big or not at all. This means if you want to run infantry with Kan over a hundred of them....if not run more/all vehicles/transports. The Gretchen were too many points at what they are for...running on late game and holding an objective. At #30 they can't hide. I kept the concept of fast moving vehicles you had in your Fast selections but incorporated them into scoring troops.

Mounting up your infantry in trukks gives them an extra layer of protection. You must be redundant with Ork you WILL lose some. However, you had 50 boyz + list has 60 boyz + Gretchen...with 6 Troop choices versus 3. We also packed 10 rokkits in here for assisting lacking anti-tank. I favor big choppas over klaws in many lists due to points/weight of fire/and some other reasons. This list has built in klaws in your kans and possible dred.

Heavies: I added a durable battle wagon with additional anti-tank, extra weapons and tougher hide to keep it working and a deff rolla as a nasty surprise for anything getting too close....your big mekk goes here and maximizes the circle of KFF. Your gretchen can hide here...hence boss pole...or any other squad can ride in here with your mek as well.

Kept the 6 killa kans...they grot zooka as is better all around for points

Lastly I added two units of Lootas. Don't be afraid to run some small units...this last has plenty of other targets and the original list was very lacking in anti tank. Small units can hide and do almost as much damage as large. If you really want you can combine them into one big unit. But two spreads out your threats and assists to keep the heavy mech armies you will face from basically ignoring you until you get close. I would experiment here and see what you like best.

Now, if you want the 7th can take it and also squeeze in a deffkopta for small alpha strike threat or late turn objective contester.

The list may look difficult to keep together due to various speed of units...but not if you are planning on moving 12" or 6"+d6" early and then 6" and firing weapons turn 2/3. By the time the trukks and/or disembarked boyz are close...they can use the waagh.

Thanks for the comments Eric and the email. Hope you find this useful.

Thanks for the read,


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