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2100 Orks Tournament Summary: Jan 21, 2012

With the completion of all three Kan Doza's early Friday and a solid work out I stayed up until about 12am to finish three standard Killa Kans to fill out my 1850 list for the Saturday tournament.
     In addition I now have my fixed list portion of my local Winter 40k League completed. I can now get those games scheduled! So, good stuff. No pics of the standard Killa Kans as of yet, as they are...well standard. The tournament was at "Gamer's Sanctuary" in Flint, Michigan located about 30 minutes from my home.

     Before going into the Battle summary (shorter than a battle report), I want to talk about the awesomeness I have discovered here. Once I located the exact location of the store I noticed it is quick off the expressway and the route from my home is easy as pie...two long fast straight shots of clear road...nice. The store is clean, well equipped, roomy, friendly, has 40k on Wednesdays and the big, big sinker...a 40k tournament every third Saturday of the month!

     Why is that so large a positive factor? Well, in my particular situation my Fiance' is a recovering "unfriendly to gamers" partner. We have had some real tussles. I have held very firm and made my position crystal clear, as a result she is growing more and more accustomed to my participation in this harmless hobby. That and me getting promoted twice in 8 months makes her argument it takes up two much of my time a shallow one.

     But, the key here is she has to work about an 11 hour day every 3rd Saturday of each month completing the facility schedule...I know because I am her boss. Yeah, 3rd Saturday I for me this equals awesomeness. Nothing better than fully partner approved guilt/hassle free gaming.

     Alright thanks for your patience with the lengthy introduction. The tournament was 1850 points. Each round was about 2 hours, had three battle conditions and some other objectives. Full rules can be found here.

Here is my list:
Orks 1850
HQ1: Big Mek(35) Kustom Force Field (50) 85
HQ2: Wazzdakka Guzzmek***NOTE: May Take Warbikes as Troops*** 180

E1: #6 Lootas(15ea), 6 w/Deff guns (0) 90
E2: #6 Lootas(15ea), 6 w/Deff guns(0) 90
E3: #12 Tank Bustas (180), 2 Bomb Squigs (10) (190)

T1: #30 Shoota Boyz(180), Nob(10), 3 Big Shootas(5ea for 15) Pwr Klw(25) 230
T2: #30 Shoota Boyz(180), Nob(10), 3 Big Shootas(5ea for 15) Pwr Klw(25) 230
T3:#3 Warbikes(75), Nob(10), Bp(5), Pwr Klw(25) 115
T4:#3 Warbikes(75), Nob(10), Bp(5), Pwr Klw(25) 115
T5:#10 Gretchin (30), Runt Herder(10) 40

FA1: #2 Warbuggies(30ea for 60), Skorcha(10ea for 20) 80

H1: #3 Killa Kans (35ea for 105), Grotzooka(10ea for 30) 135
H2: #3 Killa Kans (35ea for 105), Grotzooka(10ea for 30) 135
H3: Battle Wagon (90) Deff Rolla (20) Red Paint (5) Armored Plates (10) 2 Big Shoota (10) 135

Total 1850

Here are some pics before Round 1 began promptly at 12 noon. It was a small turnout, total six players.

     A wide variety of armies were accounted for however; two Orks, one Tau, one Necron, one Space Wolve,  one Blood Angel. A Grey Knight army was present in case of an odd number of players.


I ended up paired with Dave and his new Necron Army in round one. 

Primary: Most KP's.  
Secondary: Table Quarters. 
Tertiary: Sorry, I can not remember. 

Deployment: Spear Head. I either lost the roll or chose to go second. 

Dave's Necrons: 
Anrakyr, Royal Court with Harbinger of Transmogrification, two Lords with Warscythe, Res Orb, two Monoliths (Ouch!), two Triach Stalkers (Dreds), Pyrrhian Eternal Immortal Squad of 10, 10 Immortals, 18 Warriors, 3 Units of 1 Destroyer each. 

This was Dave's first game with Necrons, though he was an experienced player and knowledgeable guy. We were taking a while to get through our first turn (+45 minutes) So, I focused on his easy KP's and stopping his Monoliths from bulldozing over my army. In the end I took 8 KP's to 0 or 1. I also took the secondary and tertiary and bonus points except for taking out the enemy HQ.

 Notes on Round 1:
 Dave was a great guy, very friendly.

A Lord or Special IC in a Command Barge is a tough nut to crack.

The two monoliths did not kill much at all but really clogged up the table and protected his army well. Being an old Necron player I kept the portal doors locked down with bodies when I could.
 My tankbustas took out a Monolith with a tank hammer and a bomb squig immobilized a Stalker before they became a nuisance else where.

Being forced to shoot the closest tank was not a hindrance. Keeping them in the battlewagon allowed me to put them closest to what I wanted to shoot at. 
 I finished with 28 BP's and on to round two.

Round Two: Wayne and Space Wolves. 

"Behind Enemy Lines" 
Primary: Most player with any units wholly within enemies deployment zone. 
Secondary: KP's. 
Tertiary: HQ within 6" of center objectives. Deployment: Pitched Battle.
I either lost roll or chose to go second. 

Wayne's List: 

Rune Priest LL, SC, 5 Wolf Guard Termies in DP, 
Full squad of Long fangs with 5 ML, 
3 squads of 10 GH's in rhinos with plasma, standard, pwr wpn, 
4 TW calvary, TW Lord with all the trimmings.

     I set up Lootas to put him on foot and placed my bikes to react to his DP assault. Kans and BW center with boys. 

The termies dropped in on my right flank. Return shooting causing three casualties and was down hill from there for Wayne. 

I ended up with full BP's. Wayne was a great sport as little went his way. 

Game Notes: 
Tank Busta's shined taking down all three rhinos from inside their ride and having no more armor downed a loose Grey Hunter. 
The grotzookas really went to town on survivors of the rhino wrecks scoring 10 to 25 wounds in the shooting rounds...Ouch!.

Round three saw me on Table One versus Orks!  
Mission Seize Ground"
Primary: Defend the flag with 6 objectives, control the most in YOUR deployment zone. 
Secondary: Control most objectives period. 
Tertiary: KP. 
Deployment: Dawn of War. 
I won roll and chose to go second. 

Steve was my opponent. 
His List: Ghazzy 5 Mega Nobs with Kombi Skorchas 
Full Squad of Burnas 5 man squad of lootas 
3 Battle Wagons Two Deff Koptas 
Squad of Grots 
20 Boys Nob, Klaw Truck Boyz Nob, Klaw. 

     No pics on this game as I was getting tired and forgot to take them. This was a back and forth game and I had a tough time dealing with three deff rolla battle wagons full of flamers with a foot Ork army. 
     However, this game was mine to loose. I was turning the tide after the tank bustas committed a heroic sacrifice against all three wagons to no avail by flanking with my faster units after taking out all his shooting. That was until I allowed the burnas and Ghazzy to combi assault two units of bikes and Wazzdakka. So, the worst kind of loss...the one where the coach costs the players the game by making a bad call. 
     Still, I set myself up to win the game in 5 or 6 ways...but the dice were not in my favor. The lost games are the ones you learn from though. We did only get to turn 4. In fact I did not get to finish my turn 4...but that is the way it goes. 

     We tied on the primary, tied on the secondary, and I was just edged out on tertiary (KP's). Had I not made that mistake, and a couple others I would have won the game and the tournament. Actually, had I finished my turn it may have been a full draw. By turn 5 I would have killed all but Ghazzy...but it was not to be.  
    Steve edged me out for First place by only 2 points. I took home $15 in swag and the 2100 Orks on their first outing went 2-1. 

Notes on they day: 
Wazzdakka...I did not think he sucked, like many say. He is a cherry picker. I used him as such, he took out the long fangs in game two and racked up 4 KP's in game one. He is quite a nuisance to your opponent and makes the fast moving bikes troops. 

Warbikes..liked them. They shot very well. They are also cherry pickers and I used them with Waz. Being able to turbo troop units is very nice. 

Kans were solid. 

Tankbustas were a very nice surprise. I like this squad. It give my list a needed additional shooty squad the Ork codex has a tough time filling. 

All in all a great day. I always like to support the stores that run tournaments if I can and picked up a bit of stuff with my winnings...and the %50 off sale they were having! 

Thanks for the read, 


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