Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2100 Orks: Painting Begins! WIP Pic

Painting begins on the 2100 Orks.

I had begun the Gretchin mob a while back, but got some work done.

Also picking at a doc and...Ole' Snogwart for kicks and giggles.

Too much fun taking a shot at turning an IC into a squig.

Thanks for the read,



  1. I've yet to give a weirdboy a chance, if you try him out, would love to know how he does!

  2. Way back when the codex first came out I tried two to see if I could get a first turn Waagh! Which I was able to about half the time when both Weirdboys were Warpheads.

    They are actually fairly good shooting HQ's that can compliment the squad they are with.

    You have to live with the down side of the chart though. Also, Eldar and SW are pretty hard counters. That combined with the overall better effectiveness of the Biker WB and KFF Big Mek make for Weirdboys seldom being used.

    I plan to use Old' Snogwart in higher point games. Basically an 1850 list with him thrown on top.

    The ability to have your opponent just remove his IC or the addition of the chance at a 36" S10 AP2 Melta shot that that AUTOMATICALLY hits, or extra Waaghs! in an Ork Army is pretty sweet actually.




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