Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ever Just Want to Pack Up Your Stuff and Call it A Day?

While searching for inspiration I cam across this amazing work by Silphid on Coolminiornot.

Looking for inspiration can backfire as it almost did hear. As a mostly "A" type personality I want to always say "I can do that and I'll do it better than you"....however I can look at this and immediately concede this work is out of my league permanently.

Made me almost want to hang up my brushes for a few weeks to get over the fact my skills are so subpar in comparison.

However, that feeling quickly faded and I'm back to my normal dogged attempts at quality table top models.

I rarely post random work from others on my Blog...but this is just too awesome to not have grace my blog.

Thanks for the read,



  1. Everyone's been there at some point in time. A few years back, when I'd just picked up my first package of green stuff in order to start converting a Tyranid army, I stumbled upon Hive Fleet Moloch. It stopped me dead in my tracks for about 2 weeks. Their work is just that impressive.

  2. Also, thats the Slayer Sword winner... see post here



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