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2100 Hundred Orks League Games 1 and 2

Unfortunately real life has demanded most of my time lately, specifically my new position. But, I can bore you to tears with that in another post. Over the last 3 weeks I did manage to get in 2 league games however with a couple of the crew from the 40kfightclub .

The first game was with "Hornblower" of the 40kfightclub. Jeff is a co-owner ("Primarch") of this outstanding forum. I always consider my games with Jeff as a little something extraordinary. Jeff is a quality individual, very good painter, and a solid opponent.

This game occurred a few weeks ago and my old memory is stretched thin on details, but I will do the best I can...I do have many pics from this game however.

The league has two divisions with 5/6 players. Points are 2100 (part of the inspiration for the Ork Project). We all submitted a "Fixed" list of no less than 1500 points, remaining points are at player discretion. Missions are out of the 40kfightclub mission packet.

Jeff and I met up at The Fortress Comics and Games in East Lansing, MI

Jeff's Space Wolves had roughly:
Thunder Wolf Lord and Thunder Wolf Cavalry
3 Grey Hunter Squads, in Rhinos
Large Squad of Blood Claws with Njal
Wolf scouts with attached Wolf Guard Battle Leader with Saga
Two Long Fang Squads with various equipment
Drop Pod Dred

I continue to use same build based on this LIST .

The mission had objectives, 5, and at the beginning of each player movement phase an infantry squad MUST redeploy using deep strike rules. Deployment was DoW and Jeff won and took first turn.

The game was a real sloberknocker with many casualties on either side. Early game Njal clogged the almost my whole deployment zone with his special move as if in difficult terrain passive power and Jeff's wolf scouts came on on my table edge to rout a squad of Lootas. The Orks retaliated in kind and removed units right and left. The Thunder Wolves were nigh indestructible and caused horrific losses to the Ork lines before finally losing the battle of attrition to the clouds of dark green limbs and tusks stained blood red from their ferocious last stand. When the snowy landscape settled little was left of either force. However the the Orks, as is their wont, won the battle of attrition that was this battle and emerged with the coveted objectives.

Just a note on unit performance ( I remain watchful of these units for either their price tag or their "Internet Reputation"):

WazzDakka: Continues to prove himself a major distraction and almost impossible to kill with shooting...he goes down pretty quick in CC against anything CC oriented.

TankBustas: Again proved a solid mid field threat. Took out all three rhinos (well 2.75 really) and killed a few other stragglers, also took out the Dred, and Drop Pod...also survived the whole battle.

WarBikers/Gretchin: Won the game. The speed and low points allowing me to force the mid field with boyz, Battle wagon and tank bustas..then mopping up stragglers and taking several objectives late game.

DeffKoptas/Scorchas: Deff Koptas (tried two in this game) did not wow me and will probably not take them again. Scorchas I like, but I am not using them well...they explode in every game and never get a chance to shoot anything...I need to tweak this unit and/or play it better...they were somewhat effective blockers though.

BP's wer 17 to 6 for Orks

My Second League game was versus Harth W. A fine young man and good example for any new young or older players. No pictures from this game as I forgot to bring my camera.

Harth played his Grey Knights and had basically the following list:
Librarian with all the trimmings
3 Strike Squads with usual gear in PsyBacks
1 Ven Dred with TL Auto Cannon
1 Ven Dred with Asslt Cannon, CCW
Vindicare Assassin
DredKnight with Incinerator, jump pack, sword
Land Raider Crusader
Terminators with usual gear

Same list for me minus the deff koptas. I beefed up the Tank Bustas a bit and took another fast attack Warbike squad. I also took a Deff dred with skorcha, CCW.

Mission was "Death from Above". Three objectives are placed in the midfield 12" apart; each player turn D3 is rolled and a S8 AP1 template rains down in that area (2d6 scatter and Vehicle Armor Pen)
Deployment was Spear Head. I won roll and had Harth go first. Objectives where 1(Quarters) 2(KP's won in assault) 3(Midfield Objectives). It was Nigh Fight all game

I kept both Boyz squads, Gretchin, two Bike Squads in reserve. I wanted to see where he would go, especially the DredKnight, and allow myself to save some walking to take late game Quarters. Early game the damage exchanged was quick and brutal. The DredKnight Shunted and flamed a Loota squad down to one man. In return the Deff Dred and 3 Kans assault and killed the DredKinght, losing the Deff Dred in the process. Wazzy killed the Vindicare before he could fire a round. Tank Bustas immobilized the Land Raider clogging the middfield

This was my early goal looking at his list. I felt the biggest threats were the Vindicare and Dredknight with those eliminated, despite the losses, I was more comfortable with my movement opening up.

Mid game my tank bustas shined again assaulting the immobilized Land Raider and two nearby PsyBacks. They cratered the LR, Wrecked a Psyback and cost the second Psyback it's main weapon.
They were in turn assaulted by the terminators but did well killing all but 1 before being routed. Wazzy took out the Ven Dred with a rear armor shot and in turn was assaulted and force hammered to a Mad Dok's work table, not before killing 3 GK's though. Also all my reserves came in and starting hoofing it or turbo'ing into the action. Gretchin found a nice far quarter to occupy and bunker down.

Late Game; with the GK's mostly on foot the new arrival of 60 Boyz made the remaining GK's groan and reload. They gave as good as they got....their was just too many Orks. A Waagh saw 30 Boyz combi assault the remains of two strike squads taking them down in a morass of tangled muscular green limbs and rusty hatchets.

We called the game here as the Orks would not be denied this day. BPs were 21 to 0 for Orks

Two good games versus two good opponents.

Thanks for the read,


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