Friday, October 10, 2014

New Digs = New Awesome Sauce Hobby Space with a Sense of Organizational Accomplishment

It has been a long haul getting into our new house. It all started on my wife's birth day when it came time to consider renewing our apartment lease...a few drives around looking for more space and 5 months later we are in new digs....with a whole lot more responsibility. came with a man cave...which I, of course, will have big plans for...I have already named my man cave....'The Hall of Happenings'

Hoakey, but I plan to get a gaming group together and build a charter etc. etc....more to come on that.

In the mean time I needed to go through all my stuff and decided to take on the daunting task of organizing all my bits and bobs.

I of course was unable to complete this in one go as I would be quickly over I chipped away at it and have conquered most of it. Here are some updated pics of my work space.

I actually have the luxury of two work spaces and find I like to store and build in the basement and paint upstairs where I am more accessible to the fam.

 Here is the pic of the finished space with all my bitz all organized for my CSM, Deamons, Space Marines, and Orks!
 Here are pics of all the cleaned out plastic bins and the discard sprue box...this took me like 4 weeks to get done...but I am glad I got er' done.

The bins on the left, which are seen as all empty were once filled to brimming with assorted bits and sprues.

The bins on the right are different units from different armies all bagged up and labeled in full unit choices ready for deployment into army projects.

It has take a bit of work, but I feel much better. I even was able to part with quite a few bobs and bitz some and complete kits and brought them to my local store to see if I can score a credit for a new kit or two.

Definitely worth the time. Thanks for the read!

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