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Soul Drinkers and Iron Hawk Highlander Tournament List

I am stoked to finally get to play some games again; in fact my first 7th edition games.

I am going to dive right into the deep end and play in a tournament being run locally at Flat Land Games.

The tournament boasts a Highlander army list construction style that I really support.

Inquisitorial Henchmen
You can follow the Flat Land Games link to get all the details,

Basically you can not repeat any non troop army list selections and no duplicate transports, data slates, detachments and forge world are a go if you own the rules.

So, as my hobby ADD goes I am generally working on 1 to countless projects at the same time.
Henchmen Sgt (gave him DC assassin rules)

Currently I am reading the first Soul Drinkers Omnibus and started painting some spare marine models as Soul Drinkers.

I have a squad of 10 tactical and 5 scouts table top ready with a primed drop pod and Libby.

More pics to come on them.

I have also been working on an Inquisitorial attachment and have 13 henchmen table top ready, and spare rhino and an Inquisitor ready for paint.

Culexus Assassin
With that I have a Culexus assassin I painted some time back and have only fielded once who just got some nifty new rules.

Lastly I have been working on my Iron Hawk Clan Space marines.

I have settled on White Scar chapter tactics. They are my scout force that I have been working on.

Their fluff I am filling out but they come from a world with many large dangerous beasts and great sweeping plains surrounded by sky spanning beautiful highlands.

They are meant to combine my American mix of mostly Irish with some Cherokee Indian...thus they are volatile, clan based, and hit hard and move fast...more on them later as well.

With all these different elements and the Highlander format her is my current list I am tweaking:
Iron Hawk Scouts

  • Combined Arms Detachment (Primary) (Iron Hawks) (White Scar Chapter Tactics)
    • Captain, bike, teeth of terra, storm shield, artificer armor
    • 5 Bikes, includes sgt, MM Attack Bike, 2 melta guns, melta bomb (troop)
    • 10 Scouts, 8 sniper rifles, 1 Hvy bolter, Sgt with sniper rifle
    • 10 Scouts, 4 shot guns, 1 sgt with melta bomb, combi grav, Land speeder storm with heavy flamer, 5 scouts with bolters
    • Iron Hawk Captain
    • 6 Scout bikers, 3 GL's, Sgt with melta bomb

  • Allied Detachment (Soul Grinders) (Ultra Marine Chapter Tactics)
    • Sarpedon (Chief Librarian Tigerius)
    • 10 Tactical Marines, plasma gun, vet sgt with power sword, plasma pistol, melta bomb
    • 6 Scouts, Telion, 1 sniper rifle, 4 close combat weapons
    • Iron Hawk Scout Clan
    • 6 Scout bikers, 3 GL's, Sgt. with melta bomb
  • Allied Imperial Assassin
    • Culexus
  • Allied Inquisitorial Attachment
    • Ordo Malleous Inquisitor, term armor, psy cannon, psy bolt ammo, Daemon Hammer, 1 psyber skull, Warlord
    • 10 Inquisitorial henchmen, 1 DC assassin (sgt), 1 flamer, 1 melta gun, 7 storm bolters, 1 rhino APC
  • 1850 on the nose
For those who have not read the Soul Grinder Omnibus, in the first two books there are a couple inquisitors with various henchman. 

The Soul Grinders do not use vehicles, other than drop pods and some air support/transports. 

Sarpedon is a powerful psyker with awesome close combat ability...and eight spider legs. Soul Drinkers tactics are up close and personal, with like no heavy weapons or tanks. 

This explains some of my choices in list construction as I try to mesh with the fluff.

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