Sunday, March 25, 2012

2100 Orks Take First Tournament Win!

Managed to escape for a day and break out the Orks for a local tournament. The Orks were victorious each of the three rounds with a good accumulation of battle point modifiers solidifying a first place finish.

 Unfortunately, the week prior I was unable to play in the 40kFightClub league tournament. I was really looking forward to that. Work also kept me from participating in the league as often as I had planned and ended up keeping me from the league tournament March 10, 2012. Instead I was teaching CPR to my staff about 4 hours from my home in a Michigan Town named Traverse City.

However, the next weekend (March 17) the wonderful store Gamers Sanctuary (see insert) hosted an 1850 point 40k tournament; which it does the third Saturday of every month. I finished all my work and "honey do" projects Friday (took the day off just so I could...some times it is good to be the boss) and tweaked my current Ork list and headed out for a day of fun.

When completing my list, I really contemplated taking Ol' Snogwort for giggles...but chickened out at the last moment for my tried and true Big Mek with KFF...lame I know. Maybe now that the Orks have a tournament win he will make the cut.

Here is the list I took:

Big Mek w/KFF

6 Lootas
6 Lootas
15 Tankbustas, 1 tank hammer, nob with boss pole and tank hammer
2x30 Shoota boyz, nob with claw
3x3 Warbikers as Troops, nob with boss pole and either 'uge choppa or claw
10 Gretchin
2x3 Killa Kans with Grot Zooka
1 Battlewagon with deff rolla, red paint, armor plates, 2 big shootas

 Game 1: Spearhead, KP's VS Jump Pack BA's

My opponent had 3 10 man assault squads with melta, pf. Large Death company with mix of weaponry. Couple sanguinary priests, a chaplain, and another IC. A small scout squad with bolters and a small scout biker squad...and a small vangaurd vet squad with many power weapons.

I won the roll and decided to go second. We switched table sides and he gave me the quarter with least amount of cover. I put out Wazz, the battlewagon, lootas, and kans deep in my quarter.

The tankbustas and big mek started the game in the battlewagon. Everything else went in reserve.

He advanced in a large mob as quick as possible while his scouts got an early charge on my kans that held them up a turn then ended badly for the scouts.

The bulk of the game I focused fire on one squad at time and whittled him down with the Kans mopping up the stragglers. I lost most of the kans and a squad of Lootas, but the Orks cleared the field of all the BA's. Max points and on to round 2.

Game 2: 5 Objectives, Dawn of War vs Fateweaver Deamons

Deamons usually give me fits as they just drop in exactly where they want and usually don't take enough fire to weaken them before they eat me in assault. With Fateweaver giving rerolls to all failed cover, invul, armor saves combined with Ork shooting...going to be problem whittling them down. Fortunately the Kans can hold up several squads pretty well and the battlewagon will provide the deamons with some problems...

I won the roll and gave my opponent first turn to keep as much shooting as possible.

His list was something like this:
2 5 man plague bearers
1 5 man Horros
2x6 blood crushers
2x6 fiends
Big squad of fast slanesh calvarly
Tzeentch DP
maybe other units?

We alternated placing objectives and I placed mine midfield in open and  heavy on my right flank.

I deployed the same as last game with large amounts of units in reserve to react to his DS.

He was tentative and did not want to face the Kans in assault. After 1 volley of Grotzookas almost killing all of one squad of fiends he hugged the far side of the large piece of terrain midfield. As one would expect I spread out to keep him guessing and force him to split up or move his big blob of deamons back and forth. I took some pot shots at Fateweaver, but he made all his saves. Mostly I focused on his troops as with only 3 small units he would be hard pressed to take objectives. Second I focused fired on fast moving units first. His DP deep strike mishapped and died on turn one. My two big squads of boyz came on too early but added their weight of fire to whittle down the demons.

Mid game I rushed the middle with the battlewagon and tankbustas and they sacrificed themselves to take out the two troop units hugging the midfield objective. This bunched him up even more. My boyz and kans finished off one squad of bloodcrushers and held off the second. WAZZ did an end around and contested his backfield objective.

End game saw me hold 3 objectives to 0 with good modifiers for a solid win.

Game 3: Luck of the Irish (floating objective), KP, versus Grey Knights

His list:
Land Raider
Storm Raven
Interceptor squad with incinerator
Grand Master
10 man Strike squad with psycannons in rhino
10 purifiers with psycannons
5 terminators with incinerator

Yeah...the dreaded GK's. I obviously did not like all those incinerators and of course the purifiers would have to go!

 I did not take many pics of the last the last game is where I lost the last tournament for the Orks. Besides this game went fast and furious.

I won the roll and gave him first turn. He made me switch sides (3 for 3 on the day for switching sides). He set up center field with the termies in the storm raven and the purifiers in the land raider. I set up with lootas on the flanks, kans, battlwagon, tank bustas and big mek midfield. I hid Wazz and left everything else in reserve. I could see him salivating on getting those purifiers into grips with my squads of boyz and thus wanted to keep him guessing.

The objective was the way to win and it floated 2d6 randomly each game turn. I was glad I had the bikes and planned to use them to chase it down.

I decided to seize first turn and ..... I did. I advanced the battlewagon and ran the kans forward. I paired down the interceptors to just the incinerator and immobilized the rhino. I also stunned the land raider and storm raven. In return fire the KFF paid off in spades and bounced all return shots as he advanced what he could and took his shots. His lone interceptor shunted and flamed one squad of lootas down to two.

Turn two saw it go badly for the GK's. I advanced a full 13" with the battle wagon and set up a charge on both the landraider and rhino; one set of kans supporting the tankbustas and one set of kans heading off the stormraven. Tankbusta shooting saw me immoblize the land raider ( the rhino was already immobilized). Lootas immobilized the storm raven. This was huge as it meant I would auto hit in the subsequent assault phase. The end result was the landraider, rhino, and storm raven along with several purifiers, Gk's and a terminator all went down. The lone interceptor was swarmed. Meanwhile a squad of boyz came in far right and chased the objective.

This was decisive, the GK's were unable to recover and I basically circled the wagons until at the last the Grandmaster fell to shoota fire leaving the Orks the only force on the field.

With that came the Orks first tournament win, and actually the first tournament win for me in a long time.

I used my winning to pick up a little swag.....


1. Again Wazz lived all day and really did not do much besides be a minor thorn in my opponents side. But, bikes as troops is so nice as it gives very much needed speed, objective holding speed, to a relatively slow list.

2. Kans as my defensive linemen continue to earn their keep.

3. Tankbustas: Why oh why did I ever listen to internet wisdom that they suck? They shine in every game. The had their fun Game 1 and 2 as they could shoot and assault whatever they want ( no vehicles on the table at all) and won Game 3 almost single handedly.

4. KFF did nill till Game 3 where he bounced like 5 pens off the battlewagon and kans so unfortunately remains a staple...I so hope mek's become elites in the next codex.

Anyway all for now. Thanks for the read,



  1. Good job, congrats. Army coming along nicely too.

    1. Thanks much. Painting has been going slowly. But I have done some decent work on the Gretchen squad and hope to get some pics up soon.

  2. Congrats on the wins, I hope I can have just a single win one of these days!

  3. Good to see another player using tankbustas. I use mine every single game even though they are a 'soft choice', and they always get multiple times their points back, while simultaneously rarely being targeted over other units.



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