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6th Edition Ruminations: "Pre-Measuring" is confirmed. What will it change?

Pre-measuring is confirmed.

How does this change the game?

Personally, I enjoyed not being able to pre measure. As an ex carpenter I could eye ball just about anything under 36".

It was an actual skill you could develop and make yourself better at than your opponent.

I loved it when people fell a 1/4" short of an assault and I could tell them so before they went to move.

On the other hand I did not like getting mad about people pre-measuring in all sort of obvious yet creative ways against the rules or arguing that this or that was in range or watch people add little bits to their move and assault.

So, there are two schools of thought on whether this is a good or bad change and if it will speed up or slow down the game. But why go into that? The change is made. Accept it. We need to think about the impact on our tactics and not dwell on the past over much.

With a forward look in mind, how can you use pre- measuring tactically? Well in a host of ways. We will need to admit we can not predict it all without reading the rule in its entirety. But taken at face can measure what you want when you want...let us take a look.

During set up I can measure my distance to plan my attack...simple math will tell me how many turns it should take to get from A to guess work I can measure and place exactly.

This may impact  my desire to deploy second...I can measure from your placed squads to mine and ensure I am within shot distance or outside it. This is even more important if night fighting is involved as I can set up at the statistical average....or outside of the average as the case may merit.

You can measure before a move  and shoot, and ensure that despite several casualties, you will still be able to charge in all likelihood.

Since cover saves may change to not applying to those models out of cover and casualties are removed from the closest models first...I can measure before I move to maximize casualties and weight my averages to target special models. This pre-measuring will also be of even a greater benefit to armies that are very or speeder more movement means more ability to measure and target what you want than slower opponents.

You will always know if your are in striking range, objective holding range, or safe from return fire.

This will play very well with your understanding of your opponents army. Well, gee it was always so! Yes, but now if you know the exact range of their guns you can avoid them even know you can measure more fudging or oops I am a 1/4" in and Kablam...

What else can we apply this to?   Well how many times have you argued about how long 6" is? or 12"...yea too many to count.

Now you can measure after you finish moving and point out that you are 15" away. It is clear, unarguable, that  a 6" move and 6" assault move will mean NO close combat. The player most move 6" and roll 2d6 charge of 9 to make assault. No room for Nancy prancing here at all. This I will enjoy.

GW did work in some randomness despite all the measuring. This I do appreciate. This includes 2d6 charge, with or without rerolls depending on unit. So, you need to play your averages or stay a full 18" away to ensure staying out of combat. (charges look to be 2d6 and add average charge will be 7"). Combine this with "Snapfire" that will allow ALL heavy weapons to fire on the move...but at BS1.  These two things keep some guess work and randomness in there, so it all can not be predicted.

If you think about this even you see how the changes to rapid fire guns play into the new rules of measuring and movement?

For example: A squad of Sternguard. I can measure all things within 30", or 36" if going to use Kraken ammo, move to be in range of shooting and stay out of max assault range or be sure to catch the squad in the open with my AP3 ammo that is 29" away, etc. These changes have effectively doubled the threat bubble of this and many other units in the game. Gone for me will be that frustrating feeling that almost all my infantry is useless if it moves. Hell, I can even fire off a "Snapshot" with my ML or LC and maybe get lucky. (Note I am sure there will a special ability somewhere at some time with some IC that will increase the BS of this...maybe the Dev Sgt will still add +1 to this? Also how will this affect blast wpns if useable with "Snapshot?)

In effect the 4x8 table just got smaller...even more so when we can all buy enormous pieces of terrain in our FOC and bring with us to the game...but that is another story.

I think the effect this change will have is in more tactical influences on the game and increase the enjoyment for the players both casual and competitive. I doubt it will speed up or slow down the game as the time you used to spend "ooh and ahhing" on "will I be in range?" prior to getting on with your turn will be replaced with a bunch of actual measuring. But, what it should do is remove the unnecessary load of bad feelings and discussions on how long 6" or 12" is and let the players focus be on more important things.

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  1. I enjoyed the read, thanks for thinking it through and explaining.

    When I first started playing, another friend of mine started as well. We both agreed to measure all the time and did so for about 8 months as we learned ranges & adding on units to our armies.

    Playing other people we didnt measure obviously.

    But I remember it being a really big deal (none of us are good at judging distances either).

    Anyway, I'm also glad pre-measure is in, makes thing much quicker/easier.

    s00nertp --

  2. Your welcome. Thanks for viewing.



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