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The Objective Marker: 6th Edition Ruminations and "The Rise of the Plasma Weapon"

This week after briefly covering recent events we will talk about the imminent 6th edition rule set in the context of recent confirmations, the questions that have arisen for me, and some early predictions.

Right, let me get my morning cup of Java and get to it....

1. Got in 3 500pt games recently as part of the Badab Escalation League/Campaign . Have to say I am enjoying this immensely and need to light a fire under myself to get the models painted. There is a calm before the storm you can sense with the participants as we wait for 6th. Many are probably waiting to commit to an army list till the rules hit and then we see a downpour of games, etc. 500 pts makes for quick games and will mesh well with learning the new rules. I will admit I was going to play last night some league games but obtained the new WD and......

2. Lifting is going well. Check the training page for details. But some goals I think I will reach prior to my birthday in January 2013 include: 405lb bench, 545lb dead lift, 365lb squats for 15 reps, overhead press of 225lb...good stuff!

3. Alright moving on to 6th edition ruminations:

I have been reticent to post on 6th until I had something in my hands to confirm a thing or two. After reviewing the WD it is time to make some comments. I remained silent on the Necron codex and watched most everything I thought about the codex pan out. This combined with my general disregard of caring if I turn out to be wrong when I predict something means I have no hesitation to say what I feel on most things....yes, this does get me in trouble with "she who controls all."

There has been some talk regarding Allies being a Tournament Organizer's (TO) nightmare. However, this was only a nightmare as it was previously limited to certain coda. Now that everyone will have access to allies I see this being much less an issue...if everyone can bring a smart missile the field is to speak.

I predict the FO terrain and fortifications being much more of an issue and ripe for abuse. While a very cool and thematic idea for inclusion in our game, which I am all for, the WAAC crowd will have a field day with this one. First, the GW models are ENORMOUS. There will be simple logistic questions...if it can not fit on the table without moving existing terrain what happens? These fortifications combined with Over-watch and Snapshot highly favor stand and shoot armies. I much more see fortifications not allowed in tournaments then allies...or both not being allowed. When I look at 5th how many actually played with the building rules? I think I did once. This is like building rules on steroids. Also....can Xenos take fortifications? If so, this would likely involve customizations to make it in theme with your army....customizations will need approval by TO's.....ah headache time in the larger the tournament...also custom builds may lead to "building for advantage" another problem. While I love the idea and yet to see all the rules, I don't see this making into tournament play for many reasons. I will be looking for the answers to the above question and also...can a fortification and it's guns be placed outside one's deployment zone? Can it be occupied and guns controlled by the enemy? Can it be destroyed? Do I have to destroy a fortification before I can target/assault the contents? Does a fortification have to be based on a GW model or only like size?

To revisit allies  for a moment. With the wide acceptance of "counts as" in 5th we will need some regulation on allies...."Hey these other grey marines are actually wolf guard and these other grey marines are really grey knights" etc. could get out of hand real quick. Counts as and allies could combine for some frustrating games if it is not required that the allied squads be modeled suitably different.

Some early ideas for allies...besides the obvious inclusion of GK or IG:

In my scout army take Space Wolf allies to get scouts that come in behind enemy lines and an IC that can come in with them.

In my SM army take a BT HQ and terminator command squad with two cyclones and tank hunter...yum.

Now you can with regular marines and allies get terminators and assault marines as troops if you want.

Moving on to some observations on some units that may have some new life breathed into them...I will admit this will have a bit of a Chaos tint to it.

Rule: Rapid fire is now 1 shot at full range on the move, 2 if standing still, 2 at half range moving or standing still, no assault.

Praise the Emperor! About time a bolt-gun fired like a bolt gun should...still don't get the non assault part...but whatever.

Who has Rapid fire guns....marines, scouts, csm, necrons, tau...all these standard units get a boost.

But also the PLASMA GUN...two shots at 24" if I don't move? yes, CSM can take two in a ten man, nurgle marines too, 4 in a havok squad, 5 in a chosen squad....10 S7 AP2 shots?! Nice

Let's delve deeper...

Tsons carry relentless rapid fire AP3 2 shots at 24" all the time. Further more the sorceror will be able to take BRB psychic powers...and pull off more than one per turn if not shooting per codex special rule...may make the squad worth it's points.

Sterngaurd are even more deadly with the above changes
Lysander's bolter drill is crazy good with this change and the right squad (re-roll misses)

A question I will be on the look for this week is if Bikes and JP remain relentless....please GW...make it so....also will terminators be relentless? Nice boost for CSM termies if so.

Bike troops remaining relentless will mean twin link bolt guns that fire at 24" TWICE all the time wit plasma guns firing 4 shots at 24" on the move. Have my fingers crossed here!

Same with JP troops carrying relentless rapid firing plasma guns, combined with 2d6 charge re-rolls and I10 hit on way in. This will breath a little life into your raptor squads. BA ASM with rage will see +2 attacks on charge as RAGE is now +2 on the charge.

Speaking of Rage and it being +2 on the charge: See new life in Death Company, Bezerkers, and Space Wolves.

Bit mind bending I know as we mentally race to postulate all the possibilities and frustratingly await the answers to all our questions...hopefully getting all the answers.

A list of further questions and observations.

Warlords with the right choice and d6 roll can now hold objectives....but can they hold an objective if they join a unit? where do you measure from?

I will be watching intently on which ccw weapons give what Strength and AP in cc. It has been confirmed that ccw weapons will strike with their S and AP remains a question the definitions of those. For example will a Plasma Pistol grant S7 AP2 in CC? along with the +1 attack?
If so that means 4 S7 AP2 hits for my scout sgt, and nurgle sgts. Also Zerkers and other units can take multiples in a squad benefiting from rage and/or furious charge. In the case of 'Zerks that can take two per squad + leader would equate to 16 S8 AP2 attacks on the charge at WS5 I5 from three guys... add another 35 S5 WS5 I5 attacks from the rest of a 10man squad on the nice. Death Company are all the more evil...let you do the math. Even without the AP value that is nasty.

Judging from the WD battle report and the CSM taking a plasma pistol on every model that could...might be on to something here.

One of the undone projects of mine is a scout army...while it looks like cover is being reduced and CC is more deadly with no power armor I am encouraged by the released rules. That combined with the new flyers is really getting me pumped for 6th.

Thanks for the read,



  1. First comments I have found, thanks for your thoughts, I am sure the full book will bring piles of more complete analysis but this is at least solid info now, no longer just rumours and early impacts are interesting to think about!

  2. Thanks. Yeah woke up with a load of "what if's."

    If allied rule sets can affect the entire force, I see a GK Grandmaster in a veritable crap ton of builds....

    The ability to give any unit in an allied force the ability to score, scout, re-roll, plus psychic power, plus grenades, plus Warlord almost a must have and will open a staggering amount of tactical possibilities.

    I do have a twinge feeling that says rules will not carry over from friendly to friendly completely...this would be the simplest way to have allies after all...but could be wrong may only be affected by "type" of ally, as in friendly you get it all, ally of convenience no cross over, etc.

    I did not mention, but I will be watching for allies to CSM...CSM deamons must come near CSM icons...but they can charge upon arrival....will their allies? That would be awesome for CSM/Deamon about some Seekers assaulting 2d6 upon arrive...with a re-roll and a pre measure...ah should put in another post...:)



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