Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Phase of Badab League/Campaign Underway: Raptors take two early campaign points versus Lamenters

Our first phase of the Badab League/Campaign began 6.15.12 and extends to 7.15.12.

The goal is to build/play/paint 500 points each phase. Total of four phases or 2000 points.

This is doubly exciting as this League will usher in the new 6th edition rule set. My goal is thus to get plenty of games in with new rules and try out my different units under the arguably "new game."

Here is my list for the first 500 points:

Lias Issodon : 140pts
Scout Squad #10: 4 sniper rifles, 1 missile launcher...4 shot gun scouts, 1 sgt with shot gun, plasma pistol: 170pts
Land Speeder Storm with Assault Cannon: 85 pts
Scout Bikers: #3 with 3 grenade launchers, sgt with melta bomb: 105pts.
Game 1:Raptors vs Lamenters
500 pts
Capture and Control/Dawn of War
Win Raptors
Lamentors: Fully Painted

Game 2: Raptors vs Lamenters
Annihilation/Dawn of War
Win Raptors
Lamentors: Fully Painted

In both games Lias Issodon was a terror. Beside giving +1 cover saves, his special bolter and ammo took a heavy toll on any marine caught in the open. He is also quite good in assault when facing any squad with no power fist.

While the Raptor Desert Brave Scout force is fragile it's mobility and stealth keep it in the game thus far.

The league is also a good distraction keeping me from being totally consumed with 6th on the horizon and keeping me from yet more blog posts on the subject.

The scout squad will eventually become a full 10 man sniper squad with Telion and a full 10 man scout squad likely with bolters if the rapid fire rules turn out to be true.

The bolter/shot gun scouts will be painted in the Desert Brave scheme (more pics below), the sniper in a mix of Raptor green and Desert Brave, full marines will see the Raptor scheme.

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  1. Well done on two wins! Would like to see pics of your opponents forces if possible next time. I'm very jealous that you are playing a badab campaign :)

  2. Yeah, I totally spaced on bringing my camera. Will have to stay more focused next time and get some pics. Thanks for the kudos.



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