Friday, June 29, 2012

Training Update: 6.29.12

Just a quick note on how training is going.

 I have put most of my work outs in my Training Log, save the last couple as I have been pretty consumed with work and the impending release of 6th edition rule set.

This Sunday I complete my current 2 week phase of what I would call a “high rep push pull” routine. 

To review; this is a program I startedback in January based on some research regarding building both the posterior and anterior muscle chains. 

Simply, do one or two pulls for every push to keep your joints and tendons supported and strong from all angles.  For example if all you do is bench, bench flys, incline bench, and dips with seldom any work that hits your rear deltoid muscles of your shoulders or mid back…you will end up with shoulder problems. I make it a habit to do 1.5 to 2 pulls for every push. 

When I began this type of routine in January I could work out two days on and one day off, off day usually some cardio. With the increase in poundage used and intensity of sets I know need one day off for every day on.

I finished this two week phase with a solid back and shoulder work out as follows:
  • Warm up
  • ·         Dead Lift 385lb x 14, 14 (This really worked my back and so decided to skip the Pendlay Rows in favor of pull ups)
  • ·         Strict Overhead Press: 175lbs x 14,14
  • ·         One Legged Hamstring Curls: 120lb x15, 12 each leg
  • ·         Body Weight Pull Ups: 280lb x 4 sets of 10 ( I can now do these nice and slow really squeezing at the top)
  • ·         Standing Dumbbell Press: 80lb x 14, 12
I went ahead and adjusted the weight up if earlier in the two week phase I reached 15 reps with a particular weight. This occurred as I started Overhead presses with 165lb, got it, moved to 170lbs, got that, and finished with 175lbs.

Here is the breakdown of most of the other lifts this 2wks:

  • ·         Flat Bench: 295lbs x 14, 14 (couldn’t get 15 x2 dang it!)
  • ·         Incline Dumbbell Presses: 115lb x 15,15 (started with 110)
  • ·         Dumbbell Curls: 60lb x 13,12 (started with 55’s)
  • ·         Squats: 295lbs for 8 sets of 10-12 ( I keep these light with many reps due to past injuries and just do more reps…but yeah despite doing almost 96 reps total I feel the need to get weight ahead of bench J)
  • ·         Deadlifts 385lbs x 14, 14 (started with 365 and got 17, 17)
After review, there was some nice progress in the last two weeks. The next two week phase I will reduce the repetition ranges down to 10-12 and increase the weights, I will also shorten the rest period.

  • Target Lifts would be:
  • ·         Bench: 315lb 2 sets of 12
  • ·         Squat: 335 6-8 sets of 10-12
  • ·         Dead Lift: 405lb 2 sets of 12
  • ·         Overhead Presses: 185lbs 2 sets of 12
  • ·         Pendlay Rows: 275lb 2 sets of 12
I have not taken any time off since January.  The July 4th holiday here in the states is next week and I have Wednesday through Sunday off work. This combined with the Warhammer 6th Edition coming out tomorrow just may see me take a week off lifting to give my tendons and joints some time to catch up.

Lastly, and thanks for reading this far, any other 40ker’s out there that train with weights? I know there is at least one power lifter over on Warseer, but never talked to him, just going by his signature. Anyway if you are a weight lifter, throw a shout out.

As always thank you for the read,


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