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1st Codex of 6th Edition: Chaos Space Marines Part 1

No more rumors. I have the codex in my mitts and time for a review of one of my favorite armies.

Much is contained in these hallow pages. Too much for a single post.

I think a good place to start is a side by side comparison to an existing list.

We will start off comparing the list I recently won best general with to the exact same list with the new codex.

After that we will delve further into the codex:

I took a Chaos Marine Nurgle list with Epidemious and friends to a tournament Sep 1 and took best general, going 3-0. The field had GK's, Flying Circus, Cron-Air, and Eldar, Orks, SM's, BA's. So, the list got a good work out. Let's look at what the new codex brings to the same list.

 I will also take the initiative and name the list "Nurg-a-lanch" (Nurgle + Avalanch)...because it starts slow and then sweeps infantry off the table.

Here is the list I took:

Typhus (225)
Epi (110)
8 Nurglings (104)
7 Plague Bearers (105)
5 PM's w/2 plasma guns (145)
5 Pm's w/2 plasma guns (145)
5 PM's w/2 plasma guns, and icon (150)
8 PM's w/2 melta, champ (219)
5 Havoc's w/1 auto cannon, 2 HB, MoN (175)
5 Havoc's w/3 Missile Launchers (185)
5 Havoc's w/1 auto cannon, 2 HB's (175)
5 Flamers w/pyro caster (120)

New Codex Comparison:

1. Typhus:
230 points, +1WS(6) +2S on wpn(S6). Can now only use Nurgle powers and lost the automatic pass on psychic test. Though powers are pretty good. Especially the primaris and the Large Ap2 poison blast. He gained "Destroyer Hive" a once per game Large Blast used in CC. He can also make cultists into plague zombies for FREE...they gain FNP, Fearless, and slow and purposeful...there is a question though if you are allowed to increase the size of the unit greater than 10 based on the wording. His weapon is still unwieldy though it is a demon and force wpn. He did not gain eternal warrior, and his invul is still a 5+. He did gain Hatred (Marines) and Causes Fear. He unlocks PM's as troops. He also gained a mastery level so is a 2. This means he can use the Charge 1 powers and still use his force weapon

All in all solid exchange. If Plague Zombies can be taken in units greater than 10...super bonus. He is a solid HQ at a fair price. In the context of wracking up a tally, his buff to Cultists, the new Nurgle powers and his one time bomb are pretty sweet.

2. No change to any Chaos Demon will not discuss...however with the addition of Plague Zombies there is no need really for Plague Bearers saving up to 55points (105-50).

3. PM's w/2 plasma guns before had no champ. Now 120pts for 5 with champ and come with plague knives (4+ poison). Plasma guns are still weigh in at 5 points more at 150 points.
....a solid bargain for the 1 point per PM to wound anything on 4+ and re-roll wounds most of the time.
3a. saved 5 points on the icon squad as no need for icons in the list anymore....they also don't exist in same capacity.

4. PM's are 120 for 4+champ, additional are 24pts each (were 23pts). So the large squad comes in at 212pts saving 7pts....

5. For the Havoc squads we see a MAJOR change. First the Mark of Nurgle is only 3pts/model versus a flat tax of 50pts. Also auto cannons went down to 10points. Most weapons saw a drop in points overall. So these dropped to 120, 135, and 120 respectively. Saving a whopping 160points.

All told I gained with Typhus and PM's abilities and saved a total of 153 points. This would reflect the same list with no changes. This also would make my 1850 list come in at 1697. This is really a big change.

What else would I do to the list now with all the goodies and points left. Well the choices are many. First off, I would drop the large PM squad down to 5....netting another 72 points....and swap out the Plague Bearers for Plague Zombies (at unit size of 10 to avoid the rule question) netting a further 55 points.

This will give me  280 points to play with and still 5 scoring units.

What to do with all those points? My list is now only 1570 points and every bit as tough as before.

Well, there are many things to spend the points on, as I view the codex I am having trouble finding a truly terrible unit (equals win). Even spawn are nice units.

Spawn can take marks, lost the mindless rule and roll on a d3 table where all the choices are good. 5 with Mark of Nurlge are 180 points....netting 15 T6 fearless wounds...and the still have D6+1 attacks but now they are quite fast. Bikes are cheap and solid, can also take marks....5 bikes with champ, 2 melta guns, and mark of nurgle weigh in at only 172points. There are many possibilities. Too many to make a decision today.

Also, Oblits can take MoN as well. They come in at 70 points now, MoN 6pts/model. Old oblits no T5 225pts for 3. New Oblits 228 with T5 and able to contribute to tally, etc.

But, I get ahead of myself and will review these units later.

Here is a quick and easy amended list:

9 Nurglings
3 x 5 PM's w/2plasma guns and boon role
1 x 5 PM's w/2 melta guns and boon role
10 plague zombies
2 x 5 Havocs with 4 auto cannons
1 x 5 Havocs with 4 HB's

5 Flamers
6 Bikes w/2 flamers, MoN, melta bomb, boon role
Total 1848 points.

I decided to keep the flamers since they are so distracting to an opponent and function as my red herring.

Overall more bodies, more fire power, more durability.

Some general thoughts regarding the codex overall to discuss in future posts:

1. Now have the option to run Abby/Epi combo...he has mark of Nurgle in his ascendant mark and he is a real beat stick.
2. You can have a flyer, but you do not really need one.
3. Expect to see Epi combos with new nurgle until GW  Nerf the combo in the new Demon codex..guess what, it is a good list anyway.
4. All four legions and black legion can make very viable competitive armies.
5. Expect to see Abby all over the universe as he unlocks the best unit in the codex to troops....Chosen.

Chosen are very point efficient and come with almost unlimited options along with a stat line that includes 2A base and LD9. They retained ability to take 5 special weapons or 1 heavy and gained boon roles for champs and combi weapons and rest of war gear table, etc.

Chosen : Champ + 4 chosen = 90points. Mark of Nurgle is 3 points each (you can take other marks as well of course), can take a heavy with only 5.

So, 4+champ, MoN, Auto Cannon, Plasma gun for only 130 points. A MSU player's dream unit.
4+champ, MoN, 4 plasma guns for 165

Enough for now. Thanks for the read,



  1. One, I like this approach to the army lists... actually highlights changes as opposed to just saying "new guys are great! or old rules were better!"... also, it is interesting how some people are excited bout the weapon options for units like Chosen, others seem to see that they are just a points sink.

  2. @Anon

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Chosen, IMO, are one of the most point effective units in the codex.

    Thanks for the comment on approach. I think the best place to start is a "side by side" of what one was just recently running as a starting point.

    Otherwise, as with the Necron codex, and now with CSM there are so many new rules, combo's, etc. it will take some time to really see how it links together.

    Thanks for the read,


  3. Just an update to this: The new FAQ says that Plague Zombies *can* be upgraded, but only with more models.

  4. @Anon

    Glad GW came out with that Errata so quickly. It was ruled as I thought.

    However...Zombies do not have the MoN as far as I can tell.

    So, while awesome you can take zombies and they are better per point that cultists for objectives.

    The will not add or benefit from the Tallyman in a Epi list.

    Thanks for the feedback,




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