Friday, September 21, 2012

6th Edition: Is there such a thing as "Hobby Stress" and Will the Heavy Bolter be the Boss in 6th?

Let's see....closet full of plastic, 6th edition recently hit the streets, Dark Vengeance box set and goodies released, Chaos codex right around the corner, Dark Angels on Deck....why do I feel like not only can I not buy/afford it fast enough, I can barely assemble it all, and I can only chuckle when thinking of painting it!

On top of that I joyfully joined a Badaab War Escalation League adding another 2000 points of Marines to build and paint. I am also behind all my favorite pod casts!!! Oh my!!

 Is this your story?

Is 40k costing you 40k and stressing you out as you try to keep up with the rules, faq's, new models that seem to be coming out faster and better than ever before? I have to admit, for me yeah a little bit.

There is so much cool stuff hitting the streets right now...I am struggling to keep up with all the rumors, let alone deal with what projects I have going right now. So what to do?

Prioritize...Chop...Check it own acronym..."PCC"

I need to slow this giant tainted snow ball down. So we will first prioritize...very difficult with all the pretty shiny's.


1. Rules, rules, faq's, rules, codei: Spend your time learning the rules. Great time to read is, well, when alone in a room that you also shower in. No really, best time to read ever, and the significant other does not follow you in and talk to you...well at least I hope not. Read while you are waiting is another way to get extra time in...if your stuck in line, Dr. appt, etc. the DV rule book is very portable now, etc. But spend your time learning the codei and rules, this will pay dividends in the end.
 1a. For Podcasts...listen while you drive to work if you are not already...better than being on the phone or god forbid texting.

2. Force yourself to pick one and only one project at a time and "Get 'Er Done": Jumping projects equals what? Exactly "0" finished projects. What comes first is on your list? Now that is the question. I would say pick whatever it is that you honestly have the most enthusiasm for, this way you will stick with it. Take yourself and give yourself a "Clean Slate" and push stop on everything if you are feeling overloaded. This may mean dropping out of a few things, don't feel guilty. You need to return the "Stress Relief" to your "Stress Reliever" or the "Fun" to your "Fun Time."  Note: This approach only works if your "Hobby" is not also your "Job" as there are few repercussions when interrupting what you do for fun.

Then pick the thing that was the most painful to cut as your first and only project, it is likely the one you have the most enthusiasm for. Then make a list of only 3 things and endeavor to review the list once you complete the first two. This should keep things fresh and moving.


1. First keep your projects realistic, IE painting 500 points in 2 months versus 2500 points in two weeks. Chop your new top priority into small pieces....paint the Tac sgt, etc. and give your self ample time to complete the step in the worst case scenario of real life intrusions. Hold your self to it.

Check Off: Keep a log of what you do accomplish and Check it off. Force yourself to check off what you set out to do , before moving on.

This should help with getting a start on curtailing and controlling the run away hobby train. Send me a comment if you have further ideas.

Next Up: Are Heavy Bolters the Bomb?

I think they are in 6th. Any squad that GW really likes lately gets two wounds and an invul and maybe even eternal warrior. Playing against squads of flamers and screamers, even big baddies, etc. shows me that one shot, one kill is rarer and rarer in 6th. Also if infantry is king, what is better and killing infantry at range?

I am a fan of the HB over the Ordnance template as usually it is harder for your enemy to silence and is more reliable. Though Ordnance does have it's bonuses, Ordnance generally means vehicles and vehicles are currently taking some hits in 6th.

Weight of fire appears right now to be very popular. Cover saves are harder to get.

This adds up to making the common Heavy Bolter as a much better choice of weapon than in 5th.

I am not advocating HB's in Tac squads. But 3 HB attack Bikers, 3 dual HB land speeders, or 5 HB long fang squads are very nice for the points. We have yet to see what the CSM codex will bring, but expect a reduction in cost of Havoc weapons and Slaanesh squads. Another great squad is the basic GK strike squad with improved ammo..basically moving HB's. The weight of fire when taken in sufficient amount can be devastating for most things.

If we see a return of cheap assault cannons in 6th ed codei..they obviously will be included hear. Oblits look like they will get them, which is exciting.

When I recently took my CSM/Epedemious army to a local tournament the HB/Auto Cannon Havoks with MoN were the all stars for racking up wounds. Though expensive, they whittled almost any enemy squad stuck in the open down quickly. The key was to have three squads of them.

Just some thoughts on 6th this morning. Thanks for the read,



  1. I used to run Nurgle Havocs. And they are pricey, the Epidemius build isn't one I'm willing to contemplate. If the Mark of Nurgle gets cheaper it would make that build better and might make me want to dust off my Nurgle Havocs, I think I have three squads of them... What I don't have is a squad of missile launchers, with Flakk being rumored I think a squad of Missile Havocs probably without the MoN will be added the painting queue at some point. I've got the odd painted missile launcher dude, but in 2nd Edition I used them extensively, then I stripped them as Nurgle couldn't have heavy weapons guys for so long... What about a Dakka Predator, 2 HB and an Autocannon, that seems to fit you theory rather nice. Chaos is getter some walker with 8 shots... Does AV 12 or 13 just not cut it?

  2. Muskie,

    Thanks for the feedback. I like the Dakka Pred, especially with the Havok launcher. Though hard to predict what will be the "stand outs" and "also rans" in the new codex. Currently AV 13 is the minimum for ground vehicles, in my opinion. There is just too much S6 fire power on the board. Then next consideration is points, they need to stay cheap in points, if used at all as fliers will pick them off first thing. They are better targets for their guns after all than massed infantry. But, the predator is able to mitigate some of this with AV13 and maximize its range.

    Thanks for the read!



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