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6th Edition Army Lists: Orks with Chaos Marine Allies..or "You Have that Back Arsewards Son!"

What is the best part about allies?

Is it that you can add an IG blob squad and Vendettas to every army? How about that you can add a CronAir division to every army?

Nope. That is not the best part. The best part is that you can, in most cases, play your two favorite armies at the same time!

This is by far the best part and always will be.

Now when it comes to allies you will usually see the Orks as an allied contingent of a War boss and 60 shoota boyz. It's like they are the galaxy's migratory seasonal workers or something.

But, it is time to think outside the box. With the recent Chaos Marine Errata giving Typhus the go ahead to take Zombie units up to 35 strong, Chaos may impinge on the Orks market of cheap tough troop choices supplying a lot of.....bodies.

Here is a list for your consideration where Orks are in the ascendant and Chaos is the allied attachment.

Wazzdakka Gutsmek 180
4 Warbikers,boss pole, big choppa 120
4 Warbikers,boss pole, big choppa 120
4 Warbikers,boss pole, big choppa 120
10 Gretchin, Runter herd 40
Typhus 230
25 Zombies 110
25 Zombies 110
Aegis Defense Line, Quad Gun 100
10 Lootas 150
10 Tankbustas 150
HelDrake w/Bale Flamer 170
3 Killer Kans, 3 Grotzookas 135
5 Havocs, 4 AC 115

 Total Points                                                                        1850

Here Typhus and 50 zombies take center field and absorb the damage while your tankbustas and kans benefit from the zombie cover wall and advance on your opponent.

Lootas, Havocs, and/or grot squad man the Aegis Defense Line and Quad Gun. It is your call to have the grots man the quad or the Havocs (for improved BS skill) or have the grots sneak on later to claim a cleverly placed objective and win the game for you.

War bikers provide fire support, hunt small units, and sneak up on objectives. They are fast enough you can reserve them and feel confident that you have little to fear of your units being wiped before they arrive.

You can just as easily take another 10 Lootas versus 10 tankbustas...they are the same cost. They can both hide behind the ADL and go to ground for 2+ save (because the unit is not over 10 strong) then stand and snap fire....not much different BS than their normal shooting. The tankbustas can also advance cautiously and destroy vehicles. There "glory hog" rule is greatly improved.

The HelDrake is your very dangerous Red Herring. You pack more than enough shooting to de-mech several units per turn plus the meta of heavy infantry will keep the drake in a target rich environment.

The kans are not very survivable....when in a vacuum...with this many odd threats they may make a greater impact, though still fragile in some situations. They are packing grootzookas for the 6 S6 small blasts they pump out. The also could just as easily hide behind the ADL, go in reserve, or counter charge.

According to taste you could swap the Kans for a Dakka Jet (135pts with all the goodies) or another 9 Lootas or even two units of Heavy Guns to make use of the new artillery rules.

Wazz does what he does...turbo around and fire all his guns at rear armor or small units. He is tough enough to take on remnant units and his Klaw if good for any can opening that his guns can't take care off. Your choice to run him a solo annoyance (like I usually do) or have him babysit/babysat by one of your warbike squads.

Orks don't always have to be the outsourced contingent.

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