Saturday, November 10, 2012

3rd 6th Edition Tournament with New Chaos Marines; List Code Named "Hey, It's All Painted!"

Getting ready to head out to AFK Hobbies in Holt Michigan for an 1850 40k tournament.

I did not get too much input on the lists I posted, but that is how it goes.

This is the list I will be taking today; Code Name "Hey, It's All Painted!"

Terminator Sorcerer w/Mark of Tzeentch, scrolls of Magnus, combi plas, spell familiar, Level 3, Force Axe
8 Thousand Sons, including sorcerer (Troop)

**So, yeah, I want to have some fun with psychic powers today. 6 rolls pregame and a roll each turn. My psychic powers/buff/defuffs will be akin to a large 40k Sudoku puzzle I will be challenged to use effectively.

6 Plague Marines and Champion, power fist, 2 plasma guns(Troops)
12 Chaos Marines, plasma gun, heavy bolter,champ is bare(Troops}
14 Zombies...Oh Yeah! gotta have zombies.(Troops)

So variety of troops and weapon choices to remain flexible, etc.

5 Chaos Spawn with Mark of these guys, almost took two units
2 Oblits, Mark of Nurgle
1 Oblit, Mark of Nurgle
Aegis Defense Line with Quad Gun

So, basics of the list:

With two strong sorcerers, one with ability to reroll psychic tests, I want to score on some big debuffs to control assaults and pin/control shooting as much as possible.

The ADL (Aegis Defense Line) let's me hide for 4+ invul or go to ground for 2+ invul on CSM and Oblits. Oblits can also benefit from going to ground if need be as they are no longer fearless.

Defiler was iffy, almost changed him out for 5 more Nurgle Spawn and hope I don't regret that...but he will hunker down with all his special rules and 4+ invul from ADL.

Zombies, Typhus, Plague Marines, Spawn can all push forward with psychic support.

The list is a mish mash but it is all nicely painted. I painted up the 14 zombies and ADL last night and first time for me using either.

Right, so off we go. Thanks for the read,



  1. This was a very deceptive list. When I saw your list I admitedly chuckled and was like "where is the direction??" and I got beat on.

    It was really heavy on the psychic but you managed that well and it gave you a ton of tricks.

    I really liked enfeblement with the tsons making those ap3 bolters wound on a 3 or 2+ is devastating. Not sure really if that is primus power or if you just got lucky, but with your list you spam it out like nids do to get that one super guy so the chances you're getting what you want is better than just one and hoping it works.

    It was great to play you and letting me go back on that chariot was total mercy; I put you as my favorite opponent because it showed really good attitude. Especially at the last table with the stakes were high.

    I hope to get some more nurse on nurse action from you.

  2. @CVinton

    Thanks for the kind words. I did get a bit lucky in our game. It was a good game that could have turned out differently for a couple dice rolls and/or decisions.

    It was nice to meet you and would play you again any time.

    Your "death of a thousand cuts" Necrons was pretty scary when we got started! Those deathmarks and crypteks in a night sycthe is a dirty clever trick too by the way.

    Looking forward to our next game. Thanks for checking out the blog.




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