Sunday, January 13, 2013

2nd Codex of 6th Edition: Codex Dark Angles; Let's begin with a 2000 point list

Ran down to RIW hobbies and picked up my copy Saturday and gave it a couple quick reads.

General thoughts:
1. Balanced?...check
2. Competitive?...depends on
3. New Stuff that does not all suck?...check
4. No giant nerfs to old stuff?....check

Overall, nice job GW.

Quick Observations:

1. Lots of goodies. Too many in your list and cost prohibits good performance...familiar to CSM.
2. Azrael  will be in many lists...he unlocks DW and RW (Death wing and Ravenwing)
3. Banner of Devastation will be all over and the possibilities are huge...and well, devastating for many things.
4. Libby, banner, RW black nights with grenades, Whirl Winds will make frequent allied contingents.
5. Termies are nice as well with new rules, but pretty pricey with the amount of anti-infantry on the table tops these days.

Sample 2000 point list:

Azrael 215
Librarian,lvl2,bike, power field, lions roar 170
Cmmd Squad, 5 bolters, Dev Banner 165
Bastion, LC 110
Tac #10, melta, rhino, Flk ML 210
Tac #10, melta, rhino, Flk ML 210
Tac #10, melta, combi melta, DP,MM 205
RW, #3, 2 plasma, MM AB 165
RW, #3, 2 plasma, MM AB 165
RWBN, #3, free grenade launcher 126
RWBN, #3, free grenade launcher 126
#9 Scouts, Flk ML, Bolters 133

Azrael: Unlocks RW and DW as troops. Also grants a command squad, and gives himself and unit 4++ save, also lets you pick what you want from the War Lord traits without a roll...did I say he would be popular?

Libber gets lvl 2 at 100pts, Lions roar is a relic weapon that is a 24" plasma cannon+, power field gives him 3++ and others within 3" 4++ invuls.

Banner of Devastation makes all units with a model within 6" bolters salvo 2/4...right 40 bolter shots per 10 man tac.

Tac squads/scouts and Dev get flakk missiles on their missile launchers..and frag/krak for 15+10 points.

Rad Grenades: Unit hit with grenade suffer -1T till next turn.

So, options are many, and this is a quick list....but...

Azzy goes on top of bastion and mans Icarus with his BS6
Command squad goes inside to man HB or use salvo bolters, this gives 6" bubble around Bastion for the banner.
Tacs are in rhinos due to deamons and bale drakes, DP is for options in deployment, etc.
Flakks and Icarus help with everything, including fliers
Libby uses divination on nearby units and shoots the plasma cannon, he hangs with one of the bike squads and buffs their durability.
You start with 7 troops and as many as 10 if combat squad, 12 in mission making FA scoring
MM AB scout/hide n hunt armour, etc.

This army has a fair chance versus fliers, can handle hordes with up to 164 bolter shots if you do it right, plus remaining weapons.

Can handle mech to a medium degree.

Plenty of bodies and little way to hamstring the army.

Overall I like the codex. Now you could swap out the scouts for something different. Whirlwinds are only 65pts for DA's so two of them hiding behind bastion was tempting.

In my local area, I will probably opt for a SM libby with null zone + troop+quad gun+Storm Talon if points allow.

Thanks for the read,



  1. Nice chatch! I was thinking about a similar list, with a deepstriking DW Ass cannon unit instead of the third Tactical. Any idea to scaling a similar list to 1750 or 1500? :)

    1. Thanks!

      For 1750 lose the scouts and one squad of Raven Wing Black Knights.

      For 1500 will need to rework as too HQ top heavy.

      Thanks for the read!



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