Monday, January 14, 2013

Couple More Dark Angel Lists

I have been mulling over the codex and working through the different permutations.

Couple other gems I found:

Vehicle upgrade:storm bolter is only 5pts
DA Bolster Defenses will bolster any terrain piece, other than one bought with army list...I believe this is a change from only being able to bolster ruins.

A DA allied Librarian can bring with him a Tech Marine and a Command Squad and use up only one FO slot of your allies...nice!

Low Cost Divination DA Libby 85 pts
Tech Marine 50 pts
Raven Wing Command Squad 120
Total: 255 pts = great utility and at a cheap price

To go fill out a little further:
Libby 65
Tech Marine 50
Command squad, bolters, Dev Banner 165
20 Tack Marines: 280
Whirl Wind 65
Dual AC Dred 120
Total: 745

That is a bunch of utility and infantry killing power for under 750 points.

Now, two lists for your perusal.

2000 pt Raven Wing Cover Save Special:

Sammael 200
RW Cmd Sqd, Revered Standard, 1 grenade 135
Libby, lvl2, bike, pwr field 150
RW Cmd Squad, 1 grenade, Devastation banner  185
RW Attacks Sqd, #6 Bikes, MMAB, Typh HBCML, auspex 296
RW Attacks Sqd, #6 Bikes, MMAB, Typh HBCML, auspex 296
RW Attacks Sqd, #6 Bikes, HBAB, Typh HFHF, auspex 270
Bastion w/Icarus 110
5 Tac, ML w/FLk 95
Tech Marine 50
RW Dark Shroud 80
WW 65
WW 65
Total 1997

This army hugs cover, makes cover, and brings it's own cover. Pray not to face a Triple Bale Flamer list, but super annoying for most everything else. Everything should have a 2+ to 3+ cover save if you play on a board with terrain and keep your Dark Shroud central to your army.

Sammael tanks for one RW Cmmd Squad the Libby the other. He dual boosts two squads a turn and the RW bikes use the Dev banner to pump out 75+ bolter shots a turn at 24". Stay out of assault. Bastion, Tac, Icarus, MMAB, Typhoons vehicle hunt.

Use the Rad Grenades in combination with the Whirl Winds when you can...a Whirl Wind can double out a few things now..and ignores cover when you you don't have to waste time with dug in campers. That is what the HFHF Tornado is for as well.

Speeders can deepstrike off the locator beacon standard on the bike squads. Don't forget the bikes have scout, hit and run, combat squads, grim resolve and all kinds of other stuff. Sammael gives you extra distance on turbo, etc. and the RW banner makes hit and run automatic.

A finesse army. But tougher than it looks and hard to pin down.

Next up:

DA No Nonsense Special 2000 points:

Libby, bolter 65
Libby, bolter 65
Tech Marine, bolter 50
Tech Marine, bolter 50
Tac #10 140
Tac #10 140
Tac #10 140
Tac #10 140
Cmmd Sqd, Dev Banner, Bolters 165
Dual AC Dred 120
Dual AC Dred 120
Dual AC Dred 120
Dark Shroud 80
Aegis Quad Gun 100
SM Libby 100
Quad Gun 100
5 scouts 75
3 MM AB 150
Tornado MMMM 80
Total Points 2000

Packs in the useful inexpensive units. Theme here is not to try and make a unit do something it is not good at. There is a reason why a Tac squad starts with 10 guys with bolt guns...they are good at killing infantry.

Two Libbys with Divination so you miss even less. An allied SM Libby for Null Zone and/or what ever else.

Tech Marines bolster cover and tank for two of the Tac squads with their rare 2+ save. Libby's go with Tacks as well.

Aegis for more cover and give 4 more auto cannons shots; with dreads makes 16 per turn. Let a Libby or Tech marine man it.

Can you tell I like the Dev banner? Yeah, there is a reason why the back half of list kills vehicles...because the 49 bolters shooting upto 196 rounds/turn takes care of everything else.

SM Libby brings with him two very important units...3 MM AB for armor you have to go get and a quad gun to keep you from wasting shots on models in cover and to help with hordes outside of 24".

The dual MM Tornado is out of the DA codex and again, that is for armor you have to go get.

What is the Dark Shroud for....makes all your Aegis hiding marines get a 3+ save instead of a 4+ and/or works in conjunction with the Tech Marines to make a +2 to any available cover.

Hard match ups against triple bale flamer CSM, but can eat hordes, blob squads, mech, and Necron Air and hold it's own versus deamons if your smart and lucky (but they are soon to get the nerf bat).

Thanks for the read,



  1. Now that last list and the allied detachment in the beginning are what I am talking about! Great work man!

    1. Thanks much! You can tell quite a bit of thought went into the last two codei, or first two of 6th. Let's hope GW continues that trend.

      Thanks for the read!

  2. I wish DA got a good flier in this release because as you said, baleflamers are going to beat on this list and it will take time and luck to knock them down. Guess what I usually run for chaos, haha. In all seriousness though, with what you are bringing, there won't be much left besides the fliers which can still get owned by all that auto cannon fire.
    I am a big fan of the libbies and also want to try the auspex. I just don't know how often it will be useful considering the range.



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