Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Stuff for 2013

I was going to post a 2012 retrospective and goals etc. for 2013, but
I have decided to keep it short and sweet.

Here are 2012 goals and how and did:
45/40 Games Played
1/2 Completed Armies
<16% Body Fat
7/6 40k Tournaments (100% Painted)
Dead Lift 500lbs (PR 485lbs)
Bench 405lbs (PR 385 lbs)
Bench 225lb x 40 (PR 225lb x 35)
Squat 365lbs for 5 sets of 12 reps (PR 315lbs for 7 sets of 10)
Standing Overhead Press 225lb (Done!!! on 12.24)
Enter a Power Lifting Competition
(Entered Feb 2, 2013...Can AM Bench Press Championships
Increase Range of Motion of Right Ankle
0/1 40k Short Stories

0/1 Gaming Table Built

You can see how I did without going into great detail. I am particularly happy with getting 45 games in and 7 Tournaments with a fully painted army. I also was geeked to get a standing press with 225lb( 102kg). This was done strict no calf, leg bounce. All in all a good year of gains.

My 2013 goals are posted on the right for anyone who is interested.In the upcoming year I plan to get a few more games in and have upped the some of the other goals as listed.

As far as the blog goes, here is a list of some of the things I have planned this year:

More WIP and Painted figures pics
Video/Video links ( Because when it comes to weight lifting and the Internet, everyone can lift 500lb this way or that way)
More Work Out entries
Some video battle reports
Some 40k and general fiction

Good stuff to come. Thanks for hanging with me so far and looking forward to the next year.

Thanks for the read,


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