Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Training 1.22.13

I did not go into detail in my "New Stuff for 2013" post regarding how my training went for 2012, but I will shed a little lite here and some more as the year goes on.

I would start this year with coming clean, in a way. I'm 47 years old this Superbowl weekend. Over the years through bad luck and bad choices I have not been kind to body. This causes me some pain. Like pain daily. In my ankles, knees, hips, back, and neck. It is the kinda of pain that makes me climb down a flight of stairs while using both hands and makes me take a 30 second pause before I let my feet hit the floor in the morning....cause I know it's coming the instant I stand.

But, this is not a "whine-a-thon" it is just a precursor to why I modify, limit, and do certain things in the gym and bring us to lesson one about working out with weights:

If it hurts, don't do it. Despite what "Mr. Kinesiolgy Trainer" says or your HS foot coach. I don't mean the kind of pain you get from it being hard, or creating lactic acid build up, aka "burn", or post work out soreness...that is not pain. Pain is when your joints are screaming at you to knock it off. I feel this with box squats and full depth back squats. Just have to admit I can't do it and find an alternate exercise. For me that is the Safety Squat Bar; which simulates a front squat and the power squat machine. 

Another example for me is straight bar curls. These really hurt my elbows, like every time I did it for years because I thought "It is the only way to build biceps". Yeah, if YOUR joints don't like a movement....LISTEN!

K, enough moving on. So here is my list of injuries to shed light on why the above mentioned exercises are tough on me:
In 1980 (yeah, remember I said I was old) I was run into by a large passenger car moving at over 65 mph. I was on foot.

I broke my lower left and right leg in over 30 places, shattered my right hand, left arm, both colar bones, all the ribs on my left side, tore off a significant portion of my face, and had seven sub dural hematomes (head wounds). Yeah good stuff. I will try and find  a picture for you guys. So, long story only slightly longer it has been a long road.

Enough of the the walk down the memory lane of pain. I have gotten a couple emails on squats and just wanted to point out why I modify my leg work outs.

Training 1.22.13 Legs and Hvy Bench, Bdy Weight 284

Warm up and warm up sets
Back Squat to 3/4 depth 335 x 15 x2
Flat Bench 335 x 5, 5
Safety Bar Squat 260 x 10,10 (These I can go ass to grass and do)
Incline Bench 275 x 5,5
Power Squat Rack 4 plates x 10,10 (These are also ass to grass)
Close Grip Bench 275 x 8,8
Bicep D-bell curls 65's x 8, 70's x5

Does not look like much on paper, but does me in. Takes about 1hr after warm ups. I was pretty happy how the workout went as been sick for a week with the flu. Legs actually went up a few reps and ready to add some weight on Back Squats and reps on SSB and PSR.

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