Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Training 1.28.13

Last training day before the Saturday contest. I have finally kicked the flu. My chest was not healed from the last work out but I hit legs strong and did some bench work because I knew I have 5 days to recover before Saturday.

As to the pic...Saturday I hope to have a really BIG BENCH...yeah, corny.

Warm ups
Squat: 365 x 10,10 (Will stick with this until work back up to 15)
Flat Bench 315 x 8,8
Safety Bar Squat: 260 x 11,10
Incline Bench: 275 x 5,5
Front Squats in Power Sled: 4 plates a side x 12,12
Close grip/Bi's: 245 x 8,8 60's x 10, 10

Bdy weight 284

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