Sunday, February 3, 2013

So, one of my goals for last year that ended up carrying over to this year due to scheduling has come and gone.

I hit my mark of getting 375lb press in competition. It was technically 170kg or 374.2lb...but that is close enough for me.

It is the second most weight I have pressed, only every pressing 385lb in the gym.

There are a few rules to follow in a meet, so you loose a few pounds off your best gym press. So, I was pretty happy about the weight moved. I ended up with three good lifts in my first meet.

There was about 20 lifters. I was the 5th oldest guy and 2nd best presser of that old man group  (over 40). Best raw press on the day was a Super Heavy Weight Open (under 40) with 514lb.

I have a lofty goal of hitting 455lb by end of year. I competed in the the 308lb class though I weighed in at about 283lb. The next weight division is 275lb; which is where I will probably end up in my next meet.

I will say watching a video of your self is.....illuminating...I totally feel like the guy in the cartoon pic. Man that singlet leaves nothing to the

But, I lift because I enjoy it and I never take myself too seriously.

I ended up taking first place in my age/weight division and had three successful lifts. I had quite a bit of fun and learned a few things. So, all in all a good day.

Here is a video that makes it real....

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