Monday, February 4, 2013

Training 2.3.13 Update and Note on Program Change

So, I have reviewed my training over last 6 months and noticed since switching/experimenting with what is called the "5x5" and "5/3/1" routines I have noticed my progress has slowed quite a bit.

This combined with a shot of myself on video looking pretty lumpy in that singlet has me restarting the program that worked so well the first half of 2012.

Not to self and other careful of "the program worked so well; I stopped doing it". Yeah, what happens here is that you think you know a bunch of stuff and then start changing your program...and guess what....yeah progress comes to a crawl.

Righto, so here we go, back to the original program. Full details will be in a future post with a link to the google file for those interested.

Warm Up (10 min treadmill + stretching + warm up sets on bench)
Flat Bench: 285lb x 15, 13
......Super set with...Single Arm Dumbbell row: 125 x 15,15
Flat Bench Dumb Bell Press: 120lb x 14, 13
......Super set with...Pull Ups...30lbs off...focus here is use lats...less bi's: 15, 15
Incline Dumb Bell Press: 105 x 13,13
......Super set with Single Arm Low Pulley Cable rows: 120 x 15,13
Weighted Dips (Bdy wt + 35lbs): 15,14
......Super set with Single Arm Dumbbell Curls: 55 x 13, 13
Standing Cable Skull Crushers: 95lb x 15, 14
......Super set with Preacher Dumbbell Curls: 30 x 15, 13

This may not look like much on paper...but it kicks my butt. The goal is to hit 15 reps for all sets withing about 2 weeks, so picking the right weight is crucial. Rest periods between sets is up to 3 minutes. When I feel froggy I can work in some calfs during rest periods. Once you hit all sets at 15 reps and/or about 2 weeks; weight is upped, reps go to 10-12, and rest is cut by at least 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat until you get to sets of 6-8 and less than 30 seconds rest.

Work out days are 1 ON and 1 OFF/Light Cardio/Abs. I have 3 Work Outs. Chest/Back....Legs/Shoulders....Deadlift/ you hit everything 3-4 times per week. But I am not shy about an extra rest day if I need it.

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  1. Wow!!! Its so cool! Big thanks for so much very beautiful pics!

    1. Hope I am not missing any sarcasm here. But, as always, thanks for the read.




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