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RIW Tournament 2.23.13: "Dan, I think you need a Snickers!"

It has been quiet on the 40k front between work and lifting. I did get out for a small 1250 point tournament hosted by RIW Hobbies in Livonia, MI this last Saturday.

A long time gamer and all around good guy Ed Long put it all together and the tournament was hosted in a beautiful new game room with great tables, scenery, Flat screen TVs, comfortable temperature and seating; with plenty of room for all your stuff.

I had planned to start off this year with some solid participation in two winter leagues....I had to drop from both due to time conflicts. One league was quite awesome and boasted 18+ players run through FreshCoast40k and hosted by Gamer's Sanctuary in Flint, MI. I had to drop this one due to work. Another was through AFK Hobbie in Holt, MI and run by fellow 40kfight Club member P.Steiner...this one the guys just met too late for me. I just can't hang till 1am any a bummer on both accounts as I had purchased about $250 worth of new units and spent considerable time working on my lists.

I had decided on revamping an idea I had for my own chapter; the Punishers, or Legio Ultionis "The Legion of Punishment." You can see a WIP of my Librarian above.

This legion is founded after the Horus Heresy by remnants but still loyal members of disgraced, dissolved, or destroyed space marine legions. More fluff for these guys to come.

Right now I am having fun using the Space Wolves codex for their rules...but the beauty of it is I can use whatever SM codex I feel like.

Here is the list I took:

Rune Priest, bike, runic armour, melta bomb, Jaws, Murderous Hurricane
Wolf Lord on bike, runic armour, melta bomb, frost blade
Lone wolf in term. armour, storm shield, chainfist
Dreadnaught with heavy flamer and assault cannon, drop pod
2 5man Grey hunters with flamer and razorback
5 man Swift Claw bikers with melta bombs and multi melta attack bike
Long fang squad of 6, 2 plasma cannons, 3 heavy bolters, razor back
Whirl wind

The comp on the event was no duplicate non-troop choices.

I did bring by new video camera, but I did not feel like taking pictures/video.

I have to say I showed up ready to have fun, but my first game went down hill from the word go for a few reasons and I really "needed a Snickers" if you now what I mean as I was pretty cranky. Not sure what came over me, but yeah, I think I was making the people around me a bit nervous. I did eventually turn the day around, but it sure did start on a sour note.

Anyway, on to a quick summary and unit analysis:

Game 1: Nids, 5 objectives, no nightfight, Nids first turn, Big guns never tire, 12" deployment

2 Tervigons, 2 termagant units
2 Hive Guard
Doom of Malantai
Lrg unit of Gargoyles

I set up defensively to try and thin the horde. Ability to create two troop units a turn in a 1250 point game is rough. I had nothing to quickly get rid of big nasties other than Jaws. I think it took like forever to roll for the 9 or so psychic powers through each phase of the game. But, first shots of the game....the only shots for the turn one saw two wounds on my Lone Wolf.....and rolled double ones....and fail on feel no pain. That pretty much sums up how the game went.

Bugs BS3.....3 shots, 2 hits, 2 wounds...1 or 2 failed saves was how the dice rolled all game. It was like running through molasses. To add insult to injury we had much "rule minutia" discussions during my turns; which was not helping my mood. That is until turn 5....then "Oh, I forgot to bring in my Doom."

Now it is end game, I am bunched up trying to pull a tie or something out of my arse. My whole army is committed in a tightly packed circle, Turn 5 so Doom comes in automatically, and guess what...yeah do I have to spell it out?

Loss. I think my drop pod was shite all left.

Game 2: Ringer CSM's, KP's

Not going to go into detail as it was the Ringer. But his army had like 7 tough KP's in whole list to mine which has quite a few easy KP's. Managed to squeeze out a 8/7 victory...but it was the, counts for little.

Game 3: Space Marines, HammernAnvil, 5 Objectives

Played a really nice guy with a well painted army and I have to say thank you to this guy, as his affable good nature saw me out of my funk and made my day. This is doubly impressive as I had played his girlfriend in a pick up game a couple months ago while testing my Epidemius CSM list and that game is now an infamous example taking someone unawares. (There is a story here for another day, it really was not an evil intent on my part. But I brought a bazooka to a knife fight and felt like a shite heel for it for weeks). We did discuss this during the game and I apologized profusely and repeatedly.

Hist list:
Libby in Term amour, nullzone and flamer power
Land Raider
3 10 tac squads with various weapons
speeder mm/hf
TL LC razorback
2 rhinos
Auto cannon/HB pred

Well I thought I would get stomped here...but the bike squad with attached IC's really shined. This unit combined with Prescience did very well in hth...took out LR, Libby, 3 5 man tack squads. The Lone Wolf redeemed himself shrugging off tons of fire and killing the pred, rhino, and 5 man tac squad. I managed to hold one objective to none for a narrow win.

Our game was quick and I left for home before the placing as I was at best 3rd.....I stopped and bought a Snicker for the my cranky arse needed the readjustment.

So, I have 8 games in with my Punisher legion. Here is what I like/dislike:

1. Have no trouble with objective games despite low number of MSU troops. Not always a win....but in my games outcomes the number of troops is not a factor.
2. Torn on the Dred. Love the idea...but it has failed to give me first blood 6/7 times. In fact today he was terri-bad. But, I did buy and assemble a drop pod for him after all.....
3. Rune priest: like him, runic armour is a must. I need much practice with his powers. New respect for it really boosted the hth capability
4. First game with a Wolf Lord...ever...this guy on a bike was a MEQ Ginsu knife
5. Swift claws still pretty solid...they surprise alot of people with their number of attacks and ability to take melta bombs.
6. Whirlwind: Usually he he killed like 4 models on the day.
7. Lone Wolf: Despite him going down like a chump game 1 and game 2 I still love this guy...gonna build two more.

Thanks for the read,


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