Friday, March 8, 2013

First Game with Legious Ultionis (New Dark Angels)

The Legios Ultionis, the Legion of Punishment, hit the table for the first time using the Dark Angel Codex last night.

Here is the list I have been working on:

DA Librarian: bike, power field generator, auspex, mace

Ravenwing assault squad #5, 2 melta, MMAB
Ravenwing Assault squad #5, 2 melta, MMAB
Ravenwing Assault squad #5, 2 plasma, MMAB
Ravenwing Assault squad #5, 2 plasma, MMAB
Ravenwing Assault squad #4, 2 flamer, combiflamer, MMAB
8 Death Company, 3 power axes, 7 bolters, drop pod
Ravenwing command squad, 1 grenade launcher, banner of devastation.

1. BA and DA are brothers in can join squads, buff each other, etc.
2. Azrael goes with either the Death Company and drops behind lines or joins Meph to provide invul
3. Generally bikes advance, pod drops behind, plenty of shooty, and a two destructive CC distraction units.

Played 5 Objective mission with diagonal deployment versus Tyranids:

Doom of Malantai in pod
Shooty Flying Hive Tyrant
Swarm Lord and body gaurd
3 Hive guard
24 termagants
Large genestealer unit with broodlord
6 Ravenors
2 large gargoyle units

I won roll for first turn. I had previously put all my objectives in rear of the bug lines or just the bug side of center field. This way either the bugs stay way back in their DZ...good for me...or I will outflank after the bugs will have left them far behind...good for me.

I set up central in my DZ with plan of scouting to a weak side and overloading. I did my scouts and set up for big round of shooting....Bugs stole the initiative....derp!

Though that might be it....but casualties were few and return Punisher shooting was pretty devasting almost clearing the overloaded or upper right of board from my perspective.

The rest of the game saw some bloody casualties back and forth...the Doom coming in and killing 6 bikers from 4 squads then me shooting entire army to finally bring it down with a melta shot. Though once the doom   blew up I had created space and killed most of the little gribblies. We called it turn 5 as only the deadly swarm lord remained.

Thoughts on the DA's:

1. The grenade in the Ravenwing command squad is difficult to use...this unit wants to stay at range.
2. The Bike Libby's Divination is not very productive on things that are already twin linked...derp! Just might consider throwing in a Speeder units, 3 typhoon missile launchers and 3 multi meltas with prescience would be productive!
3. Mephy is a beast. My first game with him and I like it. He is a great distraction. I opted for biomancy and rolled enfeeble, endurance, and hemorrhagic. Enfeeble worked well knocking the Ravenors down to T3 to be doubled out by plasma. But endurance was nice and he rolled back 3 wounds. He took out 4 Ravenors, the Trygon and soaked wounds like a champ.
4. The Banner of Devastation is all that. Worth every point.
5. The Death Co. were a little under performing...though they and Azrael were charged by the swarmlord. They and Azrael were had for lunch....but they are a distraction after all....

So, changes may see the Death Co. out for something else still mulling it over. But, as an old biker...I love the bikes theme and function.

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