Sunday, October 13, 2013

Training 10.12.13: Meet Results

Just a quick post.

So how did my Power Lifting Meet go?

It was a blast! I also have new found respect for these guys.

There is a saying, "Your not a power lifter if you don't compete in a full power meet!"

I understand this now. Starting at 7am and lifting one max after the other with long waits and warm ups in between until your last lift at 6pm is a LONG, TOUGH, day.

So amazingly, the morning of, as I had previously given up on hitting 275lb weight class I stepped on the scale...BAM...275lb on the nose. I was amazed, but good to go.

I then went on to take 1st place in my age, weight division that consisted of ....well just me...but it was still first!! Ha.

But I did do the following, set or broke 5 MI state records for my age and weight. Remember I am really old at 47.

I squatted 365lb, just missed 405lb by an inch. Weight on this is not too bad, I squat more with a plate under my heels in the gym, but the depth is a real issue due to old injuries. Bummed I was not following my helpers cues to get that 405.

Benched 380lb for a 5lb personal record.

Deadlfited 500lb for a 15 pound personal record, and got my goal for year finally in this lift.

Cracked my goal of a 1200lb total for the combined lifts with a total  of 1245lb.

I can do much better and I expect all my third attempts to be my openers next meet.

Videos and more info to follow.

Thanks to everyone at the meet and all the guys from Total Fitness Howell, MI. And especially to my fiance who stuck with me through a harrowing night at a nasty Super 8 Motel in Grand Rapids, then a very long day on short sleep watching a bunch of sweaty men grunt while picking up heavy objects.

Looking forward to competing again in about 6 months and breaking more records...if I can keep these old bones together.

Thanks for the read,



  1. Congrats dude, well done and some amazing matter the age lol!



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