Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Training: 10.3.13 to 10.11.13

My volume and frequency or minimal as I heal up and prepare for the meet on 10.12.13.

Room is reserved and good to go. Looks like I will most likely not make the 275lb class.

It appears my office scale is malfunctioning and I actually weigh closer to 280lb and I am not doing any weird weight cutting things, so it is what it is.

10.6.13 Sqawts

Warmed up and hit my opener. I have the benefit of having 3 world class judges in my gym and though difficult for me I hit depth with 325lb. I can squat over 400lb pretty solidy to about 1" above depth with a plate under my heels...but the meet will not allow that. So, my best gym lift minus about 100lb is where I will be on meet day.

10.7.13 Mobility and some Presses

Warmed up and hit my opener on squat 5 separate times just for practice. I also did a bit of inclines bench press for fun and hit:

225lb x 15
275lb x 6

Stretched then left.

No more activity until meet day besides some stretching.

Hope to have some good videos to post of the meet. My goal remains to hit a 1200lb total on the three lifts.

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