Tuesday, August 12, 2014

40K Work Space Nerd-gasm!

So, we have only begun to move in.....but of course I had to set up a work space in the ManCave ...

Which will now be referred to as "The Hall of Happenings"

This fall, I will begin finishing the basement for a proper ManCave with all accordingly awesome accoutrements.

With the stress of the move and demands of work...I needed to play with my man toys a bit.....



  1. Needs more lamps! (And a bigger photo), otherwise looks like a great place to work.

    1. Thanks...pretty geeked...its actually pretty light in there with the windows and a ceiling light overhead...but I am going to add a MoTT light. Next week will see about a makeshift gaming table to get me through until I build a nice one. Thanks for the read.

    2. What's a MoTT light? I've been searching for LED based work lights and haven't found any decent ones yet. I've been using standard CFL's and halogens, and it's drying out my palettes like crazy.



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