Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Long Time No See

So, I have been neglecting my beloved blog for some time. I have been working on this:

Buy a new construction home is quite an ordeal in many ways....

I have also been pretty consumed with work and working through some tough family issues.

I also discovered FACEBOOK and NETFLIX to my ultimate shame and have begun to detach from these heinously evil life sucks.

I have yet to get a game in of 7th edition...

So take this info for what it is worth, but in my quick opinion:

Space Marines (Iron Hand and White Scar Bikes), Shooty Tau, and Eldar will stay towards the top with Necrons coming on strong....AV13 with IC on barges taking the fore.

The toughest tournament list right now is a CSM spawn tide with Daemon allies:

Sorcerer on bike with mace
2-3 units of spawn
4 Tzeentch heralds
Screamer unit

add additional units to taste/points....

Have been hitting the gym regularly...see Face book :(....but not getting to where I want to be so will talk more about that in future posts.

For 7th edition I have decided to play Space Marines for the about a year or so :)

The army I am choosing is the 10th company or a scout based army.

Here is a  link to an ongoing discussion so far.

Glad to be back, thanks for the read!

P.S. How do you link your blog to FaceBook?!!


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