Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pathfinders: Salamander Scouts + Lifting Update

So have been working on meeting my February Commitment. Was a bit stymied between work and figuring out how I wanted to proceed with some Salamander Pathfinder tribesman.

I finally caught a bit a break, such that any really exists, from work and found some inspiration.

Here are a couple WIP's for the crew of a LSS.

On the lifting front:

Current body weight is steady between 260-265lbs, feels like I might see high 250's in March

Some strength returning as I push to get back to the same strength level at 20lbs lighter. Hit an smooth 325lb close grip bench press this week, logged 13 miles in running, and up to a clean 20 pull ups. Also hit a confident 454lb dead lift. So feeling stronger a very little bit at a time. At my age just happy to be able to function in the gym and get any hobby done at all.

Thanks for the read,



  1. Pathfinders looking good! Don't fret too much about body weight when lifting. It can be stable for awhile, then drop some, stable, drop. Building muscle and being healthy are whats important!

    1. Thanks for the positive input Greg!



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