Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finally Time for Some Grey Knight Action!!

     Let's start with a WIP of my counts as Inquisitior Coteaz.....Machavillian Trukk:

     I choose to go with a relic/alien design bolter versus the psyber eagle....I just can't get around that part of the model.

     Next up is the skull headed thunder hammer. Pretty basic conversion. The hanging accouterments represent his other various war gear.

     I may trim the base a bit there on the left. It is pretty big. I also want to add a possible shoulder pad on his right arm.

     Now that I have a box of GKSS I may trade out the relic bolter for a psyliencer...a weapon I will probably never use in a list.

Next Up: Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor

    First off, I can not accept any credit for painting this. I traded for it a long time ago from a fella in my part of the world that goes by the nick name Fallen Hero.

     I actually have a beautiful squad of these guys with various weapons etc. and they are all going to get a touch up and a re basing and finally find their proper place.

    I have not decided on a name for this fellow yet. But, he is armed with a psyocculum, force weapon, plasma or Inferno pistol, and various grenades.

   With the force weapon comes one of two psychic powers: Hammer Hand or Communion.  He will also get some psyber skulls (not shown).

     These I did paint. First part of my Warrior Acolytes. Sorry for the dust in the pics, I will clean them off here soon.  Of course the power wielding leader is now a regular Warrior Acolyte now.

     The standard Warrior Acolytes are carrying a minor converted weapons that can definitely carry off representing a Hell Rifle.

    I am not sure if I am stretching the envelope passing these off as packing storm bolters. Thoughts from viewers?

     Here is a close up pic of the Warrior Acolyte leader carrying a power weapon and Hell Rifle.

     Not proud of the dust I noticed after taking the photo. But I am pretty proud of the shaved head and beard look on the face.

      I want to finish these guys up and get some Grey Knight games in soon. I am very relieved the Codex is not turning out to be a "Plant on Table and Win" Army.

     In May, I plan to bang out a few Chimera's, at least one razor back, and some Chaos rhinos.

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