Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Necron List for April 23 1700pt Tournamet

Here is a pic of my Deceiver and proposed list for the April 23, 2011 1700 point tournament.
The flayed ones unit I usually leave at home and need to complete painting for by Friday night, but the help out with comp score by nabbing two units from each FO.
2x10 Warriors
1 Tomb Spyder
5 Flayed ones
3 Wraiths
10 Scarabs
8 Immortals
1 Lord with Destroyer Body, Warscythe
1657 points.

Few points left over to move some things around if I want...not greatly, but some. I can basically up the flayed ones to 7 or cram in an Orb if I think I need it.

Comp works out to: 30 (starting point) + 10(Necrons codex) + 30(2 units from ea FO) = 70 points...very solid.

Army fully painted.....30pts

So, could start right off with a very solid 100pts.

Being able to say I have the Nads to take Necrons to a competitive event = priceless ;)


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