Sunday, April 17, 2011

On My Work Table

This is what is currently on my work table. You don't see many Necron works in progress these days. But, I have a tournament coming up in a week thatf has some comp guide lines and I never shy from a challenge. My Necron tournament record is about 75% win to I am aiming for best comp and sportsman.

I also plan to work on some fluff as I paint each unit unique to that unit and hopefully tie into the armies general theme.


  1. Good Luck using Necrons in the Tourny. I know they can be rough going but if you do well with them then that is awesome!

  2. Thanks. Also, thanks for being the first to follow my blog.

    I would not say I am great with them. But I played about 200+ games in 4th edition, so they are very familiar to me.

    I would be hugely surprised to win a tournament with them. But I am confident I can generally win more than I loose.

    I will try and get some pics up over this next week.




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