Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grey Knight Codex Is Finally In My Hands!

  Well, I finally have my codex and I have looked hard at my existing models.

Inventory reveals I have a plethora of Henchman, 14 GK's of new and old variety, a Terminator Libby, several inquisitors, a callidus and culexus assassin, 11 storm troopers, and two chimeras...I also have an AOBR dred and could pilfer a rhino/razor back or two from my marines along with a tech marine and servitors.

Not too shabby of a start. Now much of this is in blisters or unpainted. My goal here is to only play with painted models ( new and difficult theme for me I will admit unashamedly).

Looking at where in the finished process my current inventory is I am going to get started.

First off the HQ:

With 80% of my collection being storm troopers or henchman, an inquisitor makes sense. An inquisitor also supports smaller armies well. When looking at the bunch there is a stand out....Corteaz.

I have a converted model already ready for priming...I may beef up his CC as it needs to represent a Daemon Hammer...but is a small thing really.

Let's look at this guy. This is what you get for 100pts:

Ability to make Henchman troops...big plus for my model count and opens up a wealth of troop options.

Decent stats: WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W3 I4 A3 Ld10 Sv2+

MC Nemesis Daemon Hammer, frag, krak, spy out grenades (all psykers or units with psykers strike at I1)

Psyber eagle/d6 bolter (24" S4 d6 assault)


I've Been Expecting You = free shot at any unit entering from reserves within 12" of him and/or the unit he is in.

Spy Network...allows reroll seize the initiative and can force opponent to reroll their seize the initiative roll.


Psyker Mastery Level 2: So two powers per player turn.

Powers: Dark Excommunication = cause demonic gifts to cease to work
Hammer hand and Sanctuary = all models wishing to assault within 12" must do so as if in difficult and dangerous terrain.

K, wow...with all that for 100pts he really would be good in any he is a given to start out with.


Callidus Assassin for 145 points:

Why? Well she is painted. Also all my elite henchman are now have elite spots to work with and she is a back field threat in an army that will start off being mostly shooty. She is not quite the same and appears less useful to past testing will tell though.


Ah, all the wonderful combinations of troops available...brings tears of excitement to my eyes.....but let's start with those units I have closest to ready for the table.

Grey Knight Strike Squad:

I am two models away from a nicely painted 5 many squad with two psycannons. As modeled they will have two halberds and a vet with a nemesis sword...I will be making modifications to this squad most likely to give the justicar a daemon hammer at some point. But it is what it is right now.

So, GKSS #5 at 100pts, 2 psycannons, two halberds, MC weapon, and psybolt ammunition. Totals out at 155points.


Had a bunch of ideas here. But here is my thought. The storm troopers all have a slightly modified hell rifle that can pass for well...a hell rifle or with a bit more work storm bolter ( a S3 guy should use two hands on a storm bolter after all for safety).

So 10 Warrior Acolytes with storm bolters and flak armor. 3 plasma guns. 2 Jokero....Total 201points

This squad is deceptive. You could save forty points from flak armor if needed. But here is the hidden talent of this squad.

The jokero have about a 50% chance to grant something useful and about a 33% chance of granting something very good.

For example:
D6=1: impossible, since +1 to roll for each Jokero after the result of 2 is the minimum.
D6=2...add 12" range to your storm bolters, your plasma guns, and jokero lascannon and multimelta....yum!
D6=3..+1 to armor saves....All the 4+ flak armor becomes 3+ power armor....Yum! and now you see the reason for taking the 40pts of flak.
D6=4...All your storm bolters, plasma guns, Jokero lascannons, multi meltas or heavy flamers become...wait for it....rending....double yum!
D6=5...5+ invul for big deal...but better than nothing.
D6=6.. roll twice more and use both results, ignoring duplicate rolls...will take that any day.

So, with this in mind your little squad has the ability to become quite effective quite quickly. In addition the squad is effective at almost any range. Without buffs, if can reach out and touch at 48 ". Can fire a lead storm on the move 24" assault 2 storm bolters. Provides increasing fire power the closer you get to the unit, etc you get the idea. By making the weapons longer range and/or rending or upping the armor save you just amplify the units strengths.

It is not a CC squad...thus Corteaz with use of Sanctuary and the fact that the unit will sit in cover. The unit may get paired to 11 models so another model can fit in a Chimera with them as well.

So thus far we have the following:

Corteaz (100)
GKSS (155)
Henchman unit 1 (161 or 201, depending on armor chosen)
Callidus (145)

Total: 601points.

So, need 149 points to get in a 750point game.

Well definitely could use some vehicles....lets' plan on building a chimera for the henchman. This henchman unit is going to sit tight and has the firepower to handle Multilaser, heavy bolter.

Hunter killer will get magnetized on, Search light is useful for, enough for 66points

Next a rhino....40, add psybolt and hunter killer, search light, and extra storm 66 points

K..132 points to add to 601...equals 733.

mmm..never like to leave 17pts hanging...lets take another look.

The henchman and jokero have alot of firepower...but not the best Ballistic Skill...Grey Knights really do not like opposing that lead me to an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor (25pts) with psyocculum (25pts), three servo skulls (9pts) and an inferno pistol for good measure (10pts) total 69 pts

What is good about this guy? Well he is painted...yeah! Also the Psyocculum makes him and the unit he is with BS10 versus psykers or units with psykers...yes they will hit on 2's rerolling 1's to hit on 2's the second roll...ouch!!

School is out on whether this will carry over to shooting at vehicles containing psykers...hopefully it will, but debate for another thread.

So, 733 + 69 = 802...mmm

Removing the extras on the vehicles will grant 36pts...down to 766.
Removing a henchman to fit the Inq in a chimera grants 11...755
Removing the MC from justicar grants 5.....750!!Yeah.


5 GKSS: 2 psycannons, 2 halberds, psybolt ammo, rhino
11 Henchman; 9 Warrior Acolytes with flak armor, 3 plasma guns 6 storm bolters, 2 jokero, chimera
Heretica Inquisitor, Psyocculum, inferno pistol, 3 servo skulls

Total 750points

Now there are some very vicious 750pt armies you can put out with the codex that are certainly more competitive and point efficient than this list..but this will get me on the table and be able to try a wide variety of things out the quickest using the models I have painted.

More to come as I develop the list.


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