Monday, May 16, 2011

Campaign Force Idea

     In addition to all other things 40k combined with my other interests, I am a fairly consistent reader. Having grown up on Robert E. Howard's and Edgar Rice Burroughs works, 40k with their human protagonists with near super human strength courage and often unique code of honor is a natural progression.

     Having recently read "Savage Scars' by Andy Hoare an idea struck me for my various partly completed and seemingly random collection of space marine models, bits and bobs.
     I will be honest, the novel was not the best of what the Black Library has to offer. It did leave me with a desire for more White Scars action, but that would not have been hard after the first two pages of credits really. What did make an impression on me was the various marine chapters represented in the novel that had banned together lending their available forces to a campaign. Many different  chapters offered support and the main character in the novel was the leader of the force, of course he was a White Scar.

     Over the years I have assembled quite a collection of half done marine units. I have a Black Templar Predator Annihilator from the 2004 Adepticon Team Competition along with a jump pack Chaplain. I have a base colored squad of Iron Snakes, a base colored squad of Son's of Orar, and a Mantis Warrior scout squad. In addition I have many other units build and ready for a paint job and inclusion into a table ready force.

     A bit about me falls into the makeup of this idea. I am required to be highly organized and follow protocol and procedure at work every day and often my work follows me home regarding one client care issue or staff issue after another. So, when it comes to 40k I work on whatever I want, whenever I want. This is nice as I don't hold myself to much restriction, but not so nice as I rarely can stick with a project long enough to see an organized themed force hit the table. Really, I have like 20 projects going simultaneously. Few will be complete prior to the codex being outdated or rewritten. For example, Grey Knights are big right now, but still trying to paint all my Chaos stuff, want to build a Wazzdakka themed biker ork list, the space marines mentioned above at one time were all going to get their own army, I also have a space wolf army waiting for paint, Necrons are table ready but could do more work, a Khorne army, a Thousand son get the idea.

     Finally an idea hit me after reading Savage Scars. Take all my marine units. Keep painting them in their various chapter colors (so no redo's = awesome) and make a campaign force. Let's even meld it with some fluff ideas I have added to incorporate a warrior spirit and and eye for the future of the 42nd millennium. Being a nurse in real life, let's throw a dash of the Apothecary in the mix and "BAM!" we have a tie that binds.

    Long road to my idea, thanks for staying with me. The idea is this; a White Scars captain has distinguished himself as not only a fearsome warrior and leader of space marines but a competent Apothecary with a strong urge to recover lost gene seed and relics. This urge is strong enough to considered a vision and his actions on the field of battle are often affected. Enough so, that he is noticed by not only his chapter master but the Inquisition. Later he is given special dispensation to bring a force together to follow this vision and prepare for the future. A fighting force designed to save, find, and preserve space marine gene seed and lost relics. Since no one chapter should attempt this individually to forestall eventual inter chapter friction, he must recruit forces from as many chapters as possible.....

     So, each chapter I am considering will have their standard iconography and a campaign badge located on either their right knee or left knee. Here is a quick power point pic of what I have in mind:

     The chapters I am thinking of adding would all seem to me to be the ones most likely to have a strong desire for be forced to rebuild their least initially.

      These could include; Mantis Warriors, Iron Snakes, Emperor's Warbringers, Son's of Orpheus, Aurora Chapter, Nova Marines, Son's of Orar, Invaders, Exorcists, Brazen Claw's. I also may include some Mentors and Legion of the Damned and various other elements.

Thanks for the read and let me know what you think,


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