Monday, July 11, 2011

Grey Knight Culexus Assassin and Hencman WIP

 A peek at my work table for this month:

First up a Culexus Assassin. Not sure what to make of the rules for this guy and will do a review on him when finished. But, I have owned the model for ages so will be adding him to my list for the time being and I also plan on trying painting black in a different way on this model.

 Here we go, take a guess what the two squats are going to count as....... you guessed it, Jokero.

With one in the previous pic, 5 pysber skulls.

Last but certainly not least, a big cookie to whoever can correctly name the origin of these three figs?  From left to right a multipurpose henchman or warrior with holy flamer. A counts as Eversor assassin or Death cult assassin. and another Death cult assassin or counts as Inquisitor Valeria.
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