Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ard' Boyz Approaches!! Maddox...scourge of Fenris...Returns!!

With short notice approval from "She who must be appeased" it looks like I will make it to the Ard Boyz at my local game store (LGS) for the August 13, 2011 tournament.

My theme for all of this year has been to take non-standard/non-optimal lists and really make an effort to play fun/challenging games.

Thus far this has been very successful. I have had more fun and the feedback from my opponents is in the same vein as my goal.

With that in mind, I threw three Chaos Marine lists together over my morning coffee and work emails that incorporates either past lists or a bit of a theme.

Here is what I came up with......

First of all, I am aware these lists are "Sufficiently Underpowered for Competition" or "SUC"; since the Internet likes acronyms so much ;)

List #1 or "Holy Chaoszilla Batman!":

DP: Wings, MoN, Warp Time : 175
DP: Wings, MoN, Warp Time : 175
GD: 100
Zerks: 8, PF, Rhino: 243
Zerks: 8, Pwr Wpn, melta bomb, Rhino: 238
Zerks: 8, PF, : 208
Zerks: 8, Pwr Wpn: 198
LR: Dem Poss : 240
LR: Dem Poss : 240
Oblits: 3 : 225
Dred: CC Arm, Hvy Flmr: 105
Dred: CC Arm, Hvy Flmr: 105
Chosen: 8, icon, 3mg, 2 flmr, PF, Rhino: 264

What I like about this list:
  • It is pretty much ready to go. I need to attach wings to a DP and  Convert two Dred CC Arms.
  • It is an in your face list. Tactics are very simple, meaning I can concentrate on hanging out, taking pictures, and seeing stuff blow up.
  • Game wise you will kill it all or it will kill you. Lack of subtlety is a good thing at times!
  • The Chosen are included as Outflank is in two, maybe three missions depending on LGS.
  • The Chosen are also there to chase down the pesky traitor in Game 1 and make back line armies sweat just a little.

List #2:  The return of MADDOX...scourge of the Space Wolves!!

Maddox (Abaddon) : 275
7 Thousand Sons, + 1 Sorc, wind of Chaos, Havoc Rhino: 286
7 Thousand Sons, +1 Sorc,  Wind of Chaos, Havoc Rhino: 286
LR: Demonic Possession : 240
LR: Demonic Possession: 240
Obliterators: 3: 225
Zerks: 8, PF, Rhino, combi melta: 253
Zerks: 8, PF : 208
Zerks : 9, Pwr Wpn : 219
Kharn : 165
GD : 100

What I like about this list:
  • It is based on a 1500pt list I took to a tournament last year and actually went 2/1/0 with. The core consisted of two squads of Tson with Gift of Chaos, Abaddon, 2 LR's and two dreds (Lefty and Righty).
  • The list development, practice games, and tournament batrep can be found: HERE!!
  • Maddox is a reference to the Black Library novels that pit the Ragnar story line Space Wolves versus the evil Thousand Sons. Maddox was the head sorcerer holding the spear of Russ and attempting to trans locate the planet of Fenris into the warp!! While holding the spear of Russ, Maddox had mad skills...hence the counts as Abaddon.
  • Also, this list requires nothing but boxing it up! This one may win out as real world stuff like crazy work duties may prove the deciding factor. If anyone knows about JAYCO, CARF, or CHAPS accreditation... you know my pain!
  • It has two nasty HQ's to either own face or face palm...gotta love that in any tournament setting!

List #3 or "I think I am all tactical and stuff!" :

Slaanesh Sorcerer : 125
Slaanesh Sorcerer, icon: 130
PM: 5 , 2mg, Havok Rhino : 185
PM: 5 , 2mg, Havok Rhino : 185
PM: 5 , 2mg, Havok Rhino : 185
PM: 6, 2Flmr, AC w/combi flmr : 173
Slaanesh CSM: 5, Blast Master, Doom Siren, Havoc Rhino : 220
Slaanesh CSM: 5, Blast Master, Doom Siren, Havoc Rhino : 220
Havocs: 5, 2 Auto Cannon, 2 Flmr, Havoc Rhino : 175
Havocs: 5, 4 Plasma Gun, Havoc Rhino : 185
3 Oblits : 225
Terminators: 3, Reaper Auto cannon, 2 combi-plas, PF : 135
W/Land Raider : 220
Terminators: 3, Reaper Auto cannon, 2 combi-plas, PF : 135

What I like about the list:

  • Well, it requires the most last minute would get me to build a few more melta guns! (It will requires … 3-5mg conversions, BM Slaanesh Marine built, and 2 Terminators built)
  • This list is built to give me the most tactical options with the models I have combined with Chaos codex rule set.
  • There are no hammer units, hence no targets to cause me to get hamstrung if taken out early.
  • There are multiple ways for the dice gods to pay me back for all my years of worship!
  • Solid redundancy, 6 Troops, and balanced shooting versus MEQ, Horde, and Mech...well at least for a CSM list anyway.
  • Of course the flame template, Doom Siren template (S5 AP3), and Oblits will hopefully combine with the Lash to create plenty of dead infantry.
  • The plasma is in there to help out with big nasties and because Feel No Pain (FnP) can really, really annoy me at times!

'Nuff for now. If possible, I will post some bullet point thoughts on the missions in general before Saturday.

Thanks for the read,

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