Saturday, August 13, 2011

'Ard Boyz Part Deux!!

First, I most must confess two things:
I am a recovering Army Builder addict; meaning I no longer will use it. I am also crazy indecisive on my list before a tournament.
I also still build a list old school. I actually take the models out on the table, arrange them into squads, make sure I like the look of the list and what is in it, get a feel for its' foot print, real world shooting, and then work out the points...putting models away until what is left is the final product.
This may sound beneficial; which I very much think it is...however it is immensely time consuming.
And thus....
I spendt4 hours last night, skipping my work out in the process, and mono tasking a Chaos list.
Shifting from variation to variation, nothing seemed quite to feel right.  Darn thing is over priced in so many areas point wise; I can not wait for a new 'dex. 
But anyway, agreed finally on this list (Which by the way is very close to the first list I thought of and wrote down...heh, go figure):
Maddox (Abby)
Termies: #4, Reaper Auto Cannon, 3 combi plas, pwr fist,....LAND RAIDER
Tsons: 7, +1 sorceror, warpt time, melta bomb, rhino, havoc launcher
Tsons: 7, +1 sorceror, warpt time, melta bomb, rhino, havoc launcher
Zerks: #8, Pwr Fist, Rhino
Zerks: #9 Pwr fist, rhino
Land Raider
Pred: Auto cannon, hvy bolters, havoc launcher
3 oblits

A "SUC" list. But, if not put in check right off can begin a tidal wave of destruction....well a little wave anyway.

Great, packed it all up went to bed at 12:30am.....Woke at 5:30 am...BAM! Epiphany!

While I lay awake right before opening my eyes and getting out of bed, my evil id iterates to itself "I will see Grey Knights, Space Wolves, Guard, and Vulkan...almost guaranteed".... could I pull off some epic psyk outs?!!

Why not brace the Necron waters and bring some hurt specially' for them der armies of late over choice?!....and in five minutes I wrote this list (I really do love the Necron codex, it has so few choices, yet the units do what they do well, 5th  Ed. rules have been unkind, ah but anyway...)

I highlighted the necessary ingredients of my nefarious plan; can you tell what it is?:

Lord: Orb, Destroyer body, NIGHTMARE SHROUD, war sycythe
Immortals: #8
Immortals: #8
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
10 Scarabs
3 Wraiths
5 Destroyers
3 Tomb Spyders
2499, 14KP, 11 Phase

I am in the last stages of my pre tournament indecision syndrome and soon I will crystallize a perfect action plan. Then I will calmly and preparedly enter into the fray.

It is so ironic, the Necron list took all of 5 minutes to write, it all fits in one case and was already in the trunk of my car...mmmmm.

Thanks for the read,

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