Monday, August 29, 2011

Training Update 8.4

I recovered from my outdoor 5k and managed to get in two more indoor 5k runs before my weigh in last week.
Due to a work conference on Thursday and Friday, I weighed in early on Wednesday August 24 and managed to peel  yet another pound off....tipping the scales at 254lbs (115kgs).
I went ahead and ate whatever I wanted for the weekend and set back to training this morning.
I attempted a 4mi run to begin training for the October 22 outdoor 5k. I did have to walk a few minutes here and there finishing at the 45 minute mark. I felt quite slow and plodding, but gave it a solid try.
While I will be beefing up my running sessions I intend on fine tuning my weight work outs as well and hopefully will see continued gains there over the next few weeks.
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