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Email: Ork Stormboyz...yeah or neah?!

Received the following email recently. Eric sorry for the delay in your answer:
“Eric Samson has left a new comment on your post "'Ard Boyz Regionals: Part III":

Are Stormboyz ever worth taking? I have a mob of 20 of them - I know they were considered a point sink in last edition, but what about now? Is it worth my time to paint them up?

Posted by Eric Samson to BDS 40K at August 31, 2011 5:45 AM”

Since I dislike a long winded answer that leaves the reader with the question... “So, what was the answer?” I will get to the point and explain my reasoning afterwards.
1.       No, not in an optimized list.
2.       In a solid list with a little flavor, maybe.
a.       But would recommend you have all your bases covered first to see what points you have to work with.
3.       In a fun list, sure why not.
Here is my reasoning:
To preface I have to review something that is commonplace on the inter webs…quite a bit of fuming between people’s view points on this or that unit, codex, or whatever; that results in long drawn out arguments about whose view point is better.
It is important categorize the question before reflecting on the answer. Almost all questions will fall into the category or either “objective” (relates to a fact, can be measured, observed, or proven) and “subjective” (relates to an opinion, a feeling, a personal experience, an interpretation.)
Yeah, this is getting boring so, let me explain my answer.
“Just the facts, Mam.” or the Objective Part:
·         Storm boyz are 12 points each, two times the cost of a normal Ork.
·         They have the same stats as a normal ork.
·         They have the same number of attacks as a normal ork.
·         They can move and assault 19”-24” inches. (Special rule allowing a d6 roll and add the result to movement distance. A d6 roll of ‘1’ results in one dead Ork and a 1” move)
·         They can deep strike.
·         They have furious charge and stikkbombs (frag grenades)
·         They can take a nob with a power klaw and boss pole. (Recommended)
·         They cannot take any special weapons
·         Squad size is 5-20
·         They Do NOT have the “Waaaagh” ability
·         A 20 ork squad including a nob with pwr klaw and boss pole is 280 points.
o    A 30 ork infantry squad with a nob with pwr klaw and boss pole is 220 points with “Waaagh” ability

An assault marine (the standard I use for jump infantry) compares thus:
·         An assault marine is 18pts, only 2 points more than a normal marine (16pts).
·         They move 18" with no special rules that add movement or cause casualties.
·         They can deep strike.
·         They have the same stats as an infantry marine.
·         They get plus one attack for different war gear load out.
·         They have frag and krak grenades.
·         They can take a sergeant with a wide variety of load outs.
·         They can take different kinds of special weapons.
·         Squad size is 5-10.
·         They have "And Shall Know No Fear" and/or can also benefit from other list buffs...fleet, etc.
·         A 10 man squad with sergeant with power fist is 215 points.
o    A tactical squad with sergeant with power fist is 190pts and comes with free weapons.

So looking at the point difference to move from infantry to jump troops for both groups shows the Orks pay 100% increase of base cost, while the marines pay only 12.5% increase. The Orks actually lose the ability to take special weapons, though gain stikkbombs (frag grenades), they also must chance a casualty with each move.

Thus they are much less points efficient than a standard boyz mob. Had they paid the marine premium (12.5% of 6 = 0.75) they would have priced in at 7 points.

"Your Mind, Not Your Eyes, You Must Look With, Young Jedi" or The Subjective part:

·         My interpretation of the above data tells me that in an optimized list (we are talking 'Ard Boyz') they are not a good choice. There are better ways to spend the points.

·         In my opinion the unit should have been better pointed. A stormboyz should cost about 8-9pts and able to take a special weapon for every 10 models like their brethren. In addition it would have been very nice for the nob to take a Kombi-shoota of some kind. They also should be able to reach a squad size of 30. But, the unit entry is what it is.

·         If your aim is to have a solid list with some flavor. A  good list that covers all your basics, ranged firepower, cc, mid range, anti mech; then they could be taken with left over points. Some Ork generals will do well with them...because they support them and have the basics covered. But, they will always concede some efficiency.

·         Also my advice here would be to go big or not go at all. I would max the squad size. I have used them in 4th edition and most people tend to light them up first thing. Advancing behind some battle wagons then jumping out to hunt things like devastators and long fangs or perform mop up duty is probably your best bet.

Thanks for the question and the read Eric,



  1. Thanks for the in-depth analysis of Stormboyz. I'm sorta bummed now, because I bought 24 of them a few years ago, and have yet to place them on the table because they were such a points sink. Does taking Boss Zagstruk maybe bring a little more to the table? The 6 attacks with power fist at regular initiative value seems like a good bargain. It brings a full strength stormboy skwadd to over 300 points, but I wonder if it can dish out enough damage to make it worthwhile?

  2. Hey, I apologize for not responding sooner. I totally mind swiped it. Zaggs does add a bit bling. Keep in mind his "toe claws" only work on the turn he no later round of combat power klaws.

    I feel he just makes an expensive squad more expensive and you would do better with just a regular nob.

    Again, if one of the few fun elements in an otherwise solid list they can do fairly well. If not in a solid list, you will most likely be disappointed by the investment of points/time.

    I would recommend holding on to them. Building a solid list that suits your play style and then add them to see what you can do with them.

    Thanks for the read,



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