Monday, November 7, 2011

2100 Orks Project: Part VIII "To Build a Better Nob"

A sneak peek at part of my work table containing all my various Nobs and War Bosses. Part IV of my tournament recap is still to come, but I have been busy continuing to build Orks. It kinda feels like I am actually trying to build 2100 Orks right about now.

Since the tournament on October 30, I have built another 9 burna boyz, 3 Kustom Blasta Meks, a few bits ended up as Storm boyz, and some more Gretchen as I come across them. I also built about another 12 Shoota Boyz and a Tank Busta with a Tank Hammer.

I had so many spare torsos and legs from years back that the 3 boxes of Lootas ended up building: 12 Lootas, 12 Burnas, 3 Rokkit Meks, 3 Big Shoota Meks, and 3 Kustom Blasta Meks. So a very nice return on investment there.

So, this brings me to the must have Nobs. I went through all my various bins, bags and boxes and laid out all the Ork Nobs and their various war gear. I have ended up with 24+ Nobs...a few are not shown in this pic.

All the nobs seen here will get magnetized arms to enable quick load outs and to make use of Nobs squads with different equipment load outs.

After or along with this I will start to retrofit my unfinished trukks a bit to make them bigger, though I really don't feel that I have to destroy my painted models or cast them aside just because GW decided to make them bigger!

In my recent tournament, I had no issues with my opponents regarding "true line of sight". The KFF kinda makes that a moot issue anyway and I did not try to gain an advantage during game play from their size, so the finished ones stay as is...though I may add a reinforced ram or boarding plank (probably magnetized as well)

With the vehicles, the Kans and Dreds need to see a build and hit the table, followed by a retrofit of any bikes that may be hiding out in my bins.

All for now, thanks for the read,



  1. Looks like you are getting ready for an Apocalyspe sized army of greenskins!

  2. Yeah, I did not realize how much stuff I had.

    Plus, I have yet to begin on the vehicles ;)



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