Saturday, April 7, 2012

Group of Random Updates and Thoughts

Been a long time since I posted a random general update. So a few things to get posted up this fine Saturday evening.

  First: The new paint center.

 I went through all my painting doo dads and things and organized them in a portable easy to use tool chest.

 Second: A captured pic of some inspiration for my Low Model Count Space Wolf project. This scheme will be used on all the Fenrisian Wolves the Lost Brothers will keep company with:

Third: I am going to try and break my monthly and/or large project goals into smaller chunks to hopefully keep me on track and more productive. Work has been a real killer and I can bore you about that in another post. But look for a weekly post of what I will try to accomplish each week every Saturday or Sunday.  This week (4.8.12 to 4.14.12) here are my hobby goals:
  • Finish the Gretchen Squad
  • Green Stuff bases for Lone Wolf and fen Wolves
  • Base Colors started on Fen Wolves
  • Finish Books "Legion of The Damned" and "Deliverance Lost"
Fourth: Be sure to check out my "Training Log" page if you are interested in how my training is going. I plan to add snippets regarding diets and general principles as I move along. I have added some general Training Notes from the last week for those interested.

Fifth: A comment on a recent pod cast by the 11th company, Episode 111, on the topic of sportsmanship. This could be a whole post in itself. But will keep this to just my thought after listening to the wonderful review done by the 11th company. A large portion of the discussion revolved around the continued and often failing attempt to come up with a solid rubric to use in tournaments. My comment on this is, well, good luck. While I believe sportsmanship should be a part of every tournament, attempting to find a rubric that will allow the participants to grade each other and self determine the best sport is inherently flawed. The weak link in any rubric will always be the participants themselves. In my experience the larger the stakes the higher percentage of sportsman on the low end of the scale. Also to some extent many of us "gamers" struggle with social skills to begin with. I know I have over the years. Thus, when a significant portion of your target group really has difficulty with the concept of good sportsmanship any rubric used by them is bound to be flawed when applied. But, I, like many others, would/will stay in the pursuit of a workable system just for the sake of it.

Finally: I realized my little blog has cracked 10,000 views and I would just say thanks to anyone who regularly checks out my ramblings and pitiful hobby efforts.

Thanks for the read,


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