Friday, April 6, 2012

New Project: Low Model Count Space Wolves

After quite a bit of initial consternation, I decided the next project would pull from codex Space Wolves. The paint scheme and iconography will be loosely based on the Legion of the Damned. I am not completely sure how the army list composition will eventually turn out, however my desire is to keep the model count low.  Here is a WIP of the first entry a Lone Wolf in terminator armor, storm shield, chain fist and two Fen Wolves. My goal is to get some paint on these fellas this week for a start.

I broke down recently and purchased army builder and have been toying with many builds. Right now I plan to start with the following:

2 units of Grey Hunters (though converted enough to become Wolf Guard just in case) in pods/rhinos
Venerable Dred in pod
2 Tpyhoon Pattern Speeders

I am going to try to keep units like Long Fangs to a minimum or not at all. I want the force to be fluid and able to loose no firepower on the move to fit with the LoTD theme. The Grey Hunters/Wolf Guard will most likely all get either storm bolters or combi weapons, etc. Hence also the Dreds and Speeders.

The picture to the right is where I am going with the paint scheme. This wonderful work was done by : JerzyK and posted on Cool Mini or Not. Where I find all the reference material you could ever need. 

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