Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Time to Plan a New Army Project

My goal for 2012 was to knock out 4 completed armies.

I have been chugging along with the Orks, my current army list has about 120 models.

With this in mind I need to keep painting and also start on my next army to stay on pace.

Here is what I have in mind. Since the Orks had a large model count, my next army will have a small model count. I want the army to have some competitiveness but does not need to be overly competitive. The smaller number of units and models will lend itself to a Kill Point denial list or Super Friends list most likely.

Here were my initial list ideas (not fully flushed out with points/gear)

Space Wolf Super Friends: Led by Bjorn and Grimnar made up of droop podding  Wolfguard; including Arjac, out to 25 to 35 models

Grey Knights Draigo Wing; My "Wing" would include a Libby and 3 of 4 assassins...under 25 models

Space Marines: Pedro, stern guard in DP's, and LotD, TH terminators....30 to 40 models

Blood Angels 2 Land Raider, Storm Raven w/DC, Mephiston...25 to 35 models

Blood Angels Descent of Angels....about 25-35 models (no vehicles)

The paint scheme would be along the lines of Legion of the Damned colors and iconography.

This is a harder decision than I initially thought and any help/advice would be appreciated.

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  1. I personally vote for logan and friends in a podding list.

  2. Thanks for the input. Yeah they have been high on my list for some time. My little blog face is the face of Bjorn who has been a WIP for many months.

  3. I guess one thing to consider is what do you like to paint? I have a hard time with armies that don't have variety, I tend to get bored painting them (mind you, I am talking about appearance, not composition). I guess this is why I am enjoying painting my orks - if I get tired of painting one color scheme, I can paint a different unit for a bit. I have a marine army, and I've figured out a way to make it less monotonous when I finally get around to painting it. It started out as a Lamenters army (Blood Angels), but marines get me in trouble - same colors, same patterns. I decided to switch it a little bit and make it a Badab Repentance force - it is still a blood angel list, but some elements include Executioners, and the fast elements will be made up of Mantis Warrior paint schemes. I think that this will at least keep me interested in it when I get around to painting it. The only other army I might be able to do is Eldar since the Aspect Warriors would give me some relief.

  4. Well, I have been wanting to paint an army around the LotD colors for years and have not got around to it. I think they just looks so immensely cool on the table top.

    Must be my years growing up around motorcycles, etc. ;)

    However, rule sets have never really gotten the LotD into a playable force and back in the day "counts as" was frowned upon.

    Things have changed in last couple years. "Counts as" is common and pretty much accepted if paired with reasonable "WYSIWYG" and in character. Also several current codex lend themselves to a LotD theme...drop podding or deep striking, low model count, crazy abilities.

    I kinda also like this project for a pre-6th edition project as it is not meant to be really competitive and could take any direction once 6th comes out. I was tempted to paint Chaos...but I for sure would paint up an awesome squad of whatever was most nerfed in the codex and be vexed.

    So to answer your question, the paint scheme is a lock...see LotD. The codex/army list is intriguing me.

    Now on Space Wolves behalf...I do have quite a few models already ready to go...but I also have a fairly large supply of the old metal LotD...and new LotD models to the BA thing.

    Tougher decision than I originally thought.

  5. Chaos is another army that can give you variety. I absolutely love the Thousand Sons figures, but from what I read, they are horribly expensive and aren't all that great except against other marine armies. I found some really cool Egyptian themed heads on puppetwars to do swaps with. LOTD armies look cool from what I remember, but having to paint all the flames and bones would make my eyes cross!



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