Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2012 Mid Year Goal Evaluation

Time to see how I am doing on my 2012 goals regarding 40k and fitness.

Just a review of goal setting. A "Goal" is generic, non specific thing you would like to accomplish.

Let's use 40k as an analogy. The "Goal" is to win the game.

See, it is broad, non specific.

An "Objective" or "Objectives" are those specific things you must achieve to meet attain your goal.

Example; "Earn a victory point by eliminating the first unit."

 See an objective follows the acronym "SMART"...Specific...Measurable... Attainable...Relevant or Realistic...Time Bound or Time element.

See how 40k can be used to apply important topics to real cool!

Another very important component of setting goals and breaking them up into smaller objectives is a nursing acronym called "ADPIE." or Assess Diagnose Plan Implement Evaluate.

Whenever you are working on some goals and objectives you should work in a time to assess how you are doing, diagnose why you may/may not have achieved what you are after, make a plan to move forward, implement that plan, and then evaluate again...see how that works?

What happened with my goals? Well, I am struggling to reach the half way point on some of them and on others my interests have changed a bit. I also realize I set the bar too high, as I did not account for real life not working with me on all my hobby goals...what the hey!

So if you notice the inset box of goals to the right I made some changes. I added some goals and removed some others. For example weight lifting has really become a big thing with me lately and thus is reflected in my goals. I also took my goals and tried to make them more "Realistic" and "Attainable" by looking at what I did manage to accomplish the first half of 2012 and doubling it.

Let's run through them. They are in no particular order.

40 Games of 40k in 2012
The original goal (52) was a bit unrealistic. So, I picked a number that put me a little over half at this point. This makes the goal more achievable. I plan to try and get out weekly. This may also mean changing where I play to find a steady crowd of players in a location that is not too far away.

2 Completed Armies
This a big one for me as I have always had "Painting Inertia" Even wrote a post about it. I have vowed to myself to not participate in another tournament until I have a completely painted army. I set a goal to get two 2000 point armies done by year end. I know I fizzled out on 2100 Orks as well. This really bothers me and I really want to get this goal! Again 4 armies was too unrealistic. 2 I might be able to pull off.

Less than 16% Body Fat
My original goals was less than 10%. But this was not realistic in conjunction with my weight lifting goals. I have, however made some great progress here. I started the year at 25% body fat at a body weight of 264lb. I am currently 280lbs with a body fat of 21.5%. That is a big swing in good mass and loss of fat.


Participate in 6 40k tournaments (with a 100% painted army)
See how this goal is connected to an earlier one. I have done 3 tournaments, so 6 is very doable.

I have really reignited my love of weight lifting and have set some tough goals for myself, but they are goals I feel I can reach.

500lb dead lift...current best 455lb
405lb bench...current best 365lb
225lbs bench x 40 reps...current best 32 reps
225lb Overhead press...current best 205lb
365lb squad for 5 x 12...current best 315 5 x 12

Enter a power lifting competition.
This is a new goal.  I was approached in my local gym and told to give it a try if for no other reason but to meet your personal goals faster. I thought this was a pretty good idea. I plan to attempt to find an all natural RAW (no gear) meet towards the end of the year or early 2013 and give it a go for kicks and giggles.

Improve Range of Motion in R ankle.
Robert E. Howard
Another new goal. It is a long story for another post. But, my right ankle basically won't bend bast about 80 degrees due to old injuries. This makes squats and dead lifts very difficult form wise for me. I have tried, and had many operations, to correct this, but I feel it should always be a goal anyway.

Write ONE 40k short story.
I used to very much enjoy writing...but got out of it. I reduced this goal to something more achievable. The story should be 50 to 75 pages. I would plan to post it on my blog as well.

Build a gaming table.
something I have wanted to do for a long time...and ties into a goal of hosting some game nights at my house. I also want this table to be able to fold up as I live in an apartment.

I removed the rest of the goals or put them in 2013, as this seem like quite enough.

I certainly have goals in my professional and personal life. But the same approach can be applied to them as well.

What are your 40k or fitness goals? Good luck and thanks for any feedback!

As always, thanks for the read,



  1. I have a similar goal to you in regards to a painted army, I still don't even have a one thousand point army painted, so I'm working towards a two thousand one for sixth ed. This will include fortifications. I also want at least one thousand points painted of two other armies I don't play now (nids and eldar).

  2. Best of luck to you! Break it up into smaller chunks and have at it!




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