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6th Edition Lists: Tally Man 2000 (CSM/Deamon)

Could not help thinking of my beloved CSM's with the new goodness of 6th Edition.

Here is a hard putrid core Nurgle list using the allies rules, fortifications, and the Tally Man.

List break down after the good stuff.

CSM DP: Wings, MoN, Doom Bolt (To be Exchanged)
CSM DP: Wings, MoN, Doom Bolt (To be Exchanged)
CSM DP: Wings, MoN, Doom Bolt (To be Exchanged)


7 Nurglings
7 Plague Bearers
5 Plague Marines, 2 plasma
5 Plague Marines, 2 plasma
5 Plague Marines, 2 melta
5 Plague Marines, 2 flamers

5 Havocs, MoN, 4 Auto Cannons
5 Havocs, MoN, 4 Auto Cannons

CSM Bastion with Quad Gun (Defiled Imperial Bastion)
CSM Bastion with Quad Gun (Defiled Imperial Bastion)

This list makes use of the new FO  rules allowing a second detachment at 2000+ plus points. Thus the third DP, this also means you MUST have 4 troops from codex CSM.

You will notice no vehicles as 6th will be infantry heavy, thus the Tally Man. Everything has MoN, which is admittedly expensive for the Havocs.

However, this is how this plays. The Bastions are put at good positions in your deployment zone. Attempt to maximize their angle to get the most of the Heavy Bolters. The Auto Cannon Havocs are placed in the battlements. Your decision to man the Quad Gun or not, early game you most likely will want to. 12 S7 48" shots, 4 TL is an excellent light vehicle killer and will give you good anti aircraft fire. The Interceptor rule is a bonus.

Inside the Bastions you place either both plasma toting plague marine squads, or leave one open for Epidemious to hide in once he hits the table. The plague marines man 3 of the 4 Heavy bolters.

Reserve or place behind cover your melta and flamer Plague marines until the tally goes up.

One of your DP's will be your Commander. Personal Traits are probably best. Though strategic are not terrible. They will all exchange Doom Bolt for one of the following:

Pyromancy: Roll and try to get "Fiery Form" (+2 Strength, 4+ inful, CC attacks have Soul Blaze) or "Sunburst" (6" S4 Ap5...assault 2d6, blind, ignores cover...for every unit within 6"). If you do not roll either take the Primaris power which is "Flame Breath" (S5 Ap4 Template assault 1, soul blaze)


Telepathy: Roll for "Dominate" (24" unit must pass LD test to do anything) or just take Primaris Power "Psychic Shriek" (12" range, roll 3d6 - units LD, unit takes that many wounds, no armour no cover saves)

Both the Primaris Powers work well with flying MC's. Shriek is very nice for taking out other big baddies or ignoring cover/armour. The flame template is probably the most useful though.

So, early your Auto Cannons empty as many cans as possible while your "Swoop" attack your flying MC's 24". Your goal then is to light up as many infantry as possible and get tally up. MC's pull double duty to take out Armour 14 and/or get stuck in.

Your HB's and then AutoCannons light up infantry. Your remaining plague marines, plague bearers, and nurglings advance and take objectives and/or get stuck in.

Your goal is to get your Tally up to 20+ as quick as possible and keep Epi alive.

The Tally works like this:

Wounds 1-9...not much
Wounds 10-14...all MoN models wound on 2+ in CC
Wounds 15-19... all MoN models with FnP, now saves on 3+
Wounds 20+...all attacks from MoN followers ignore armour saves...that is "Ignore" no AP2,3 etc.

This is my first draft of the list and might tweak it after a few games, but I like the power of the list, it's Nurgle, and there is not much to paint. I might just make this list my back up fun list.

For bigger games...add a 4th MoN DP and then I would have to round out my squads to all 7's, then more troops.

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  1. Hey, I think You cannot take 3 DP's from CSM codex. You can take second HQ from daemons codex.

  2. I like the idea, but I believe that the daemon princes are considered jump monstrous creatures when they are pulled from the CSM codex which means they can't swoop. Just thought I'd point that out. I'm planning on messing with something like this myself.

  3. The extra HQ's come from using the a second force org chart at 2000+ points.

    On the flying MC's: This is so unfortunately correct. I have read the CSM FAQ and the model lists in the BRB and DP are only listed as MC, CH.

    The only flying MC's I could find were a blood thirster or Fateweaver.

    This means might have to tweak the list to include more MC's. Even though not flying, the ability to go 12" and then another 2d6 run will get them there quickly. In this case I would attempt to overrun a flank with them and use one for cover for the other 2.

    Though, I have high hopes that we will see some flying MC's or other flyers in the soon to be out new CSM dex that will make a list like this work even better.

    As always, thanks for the feed back,


  4. If you pull the DP from the Daemon Codex you can fit 1 that IS a flying MC.



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