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6th Edition Ruminations: "How Are You Going to Play the Game?"

6th Edition is among us and things are settling.

Certain things begin to rise to the top and others float to the bottom in terms of use, army selection, general strategy, point limits, etc.

It is very early, but not too early for a few ruminations.

Here are my thought to date:

  • Early large tournaments will help set the standard for competitive and general game play in regards to point limits, fortifications, and allies, and double force orgs.
    • What I have seen the most of are 1500-2000 point games that allow fortifications, but not the giant bastion, allow allies, and no double force org. Most are not using the "Mysterious Terrain" or "Archeotech Artefacts." 
      • It seems terrain that can eat you or objectives that blow you up will take some getting used to. The major problem I have observed is really developing an easy way to keep track of them.
        • Look for someone to start pumping out cool markers on unused 30mm bases and selling a bunch
  • War Lord traits have helped determine a few games and added some flavor. They are random, though you can affect the outcome by knowing which "Type" works best with your army. 
    • Good generals will become familiar with a certain set for their play style and army type and know what to do with them when you do manage to roll them. Early on players many times forget to roll for them, or forget to use them in game.
  • Mission Special Rules:
    • These will change army list selection over time.
    • Players will need to have a plan for Night Fighting; which has a 50% chance of occurring. Nids and Hordes will love this....stand and shoot will not.
    • This is compounded by new Reserves rules that only let you put half of your units in reserve, those that must go into reserve do not count on that total.
    • These two things will change how you deploy and how the first couple turns play out...a very large tactical consideration. As many games are won or lost during deployment and the first turn.
    • Keep in mind Night Fighting is rolled BEFORE at least you know going in...just remember to roll for it!
    • Also, GW really wants night fighting to occur. It is a 4+ before deployment. But, if it does not go off. Roll again on Turn 5 on a 4+...and every turn after until it does go off. If it does go off it lasts until the end of the game.
    • In other words get used to fighting at night.
    • Night fighting obviously favors those armies that can control it...Necrons/Tau...and those that have figured out to use head lamps. It also favors those armies that have speed as night fighting will allow you to close with the enemy with great cover and/or move into closer range for your own shooting...Eldar/Dark Eldar/Biker heavy armies.
  • Hull Points/Grenades/New Damage Charts/Necrons
    • Until vehicle rules begin to escalate again...see flyers..I see players moving towards fast moving infantry/bikes/jumpers and away from vehicle spam. Which means your list should include some effective anti-infantry lead throwers....Space Wolves, Grey Knights, etc.
    • Why fast moving infantry? It will allow you to better control wound allocation when shot at and ability to snipe enemy characters or specials. Also...see Night Fighting.
    • Besides what is the fastest and easiest way to deal with a big Vehicle Nerf in the rules....that's right, don't take any.
  • Challenges:
    • Look for squad upgrade characters to mostly be equipped with a power weapon and melta bomb or the equivalent in slower moving squads. Why? Because it is more difficult to protect your power fist and Get the charge versus receiving the charge. When you are slow and receive a charge your opponent will dictate possibly if his Character or yours are engaged and thus can declare/accept a challenge. Meaning you have less control to get them in the fight, etc. So you want a chance to take them out at initiative. You will also "Pile In" sooner than at I1.
    • Look for faster squads with upgrade characters to sport power fist or equivalent...see reasoning above.
    • Challenges are good way to neuter or protect your isolated IC or MC.
  • Expect to see 2+ armor equivalents in almost every game you play.
    • With changes to AP of CC weapons 2+ is the bomb.
    • Thus, many lists will incorporate at least one heavy AP2 shooting units. Better list will have it spread out.
    • AP2 helps with vehicles and Rapid fire rules have changed so there are also other benefits.
  • Speaking of Rapid Fire
    • This adds to infantry over many more units can move and shoot more effectively. Adding range and maneuverability
    • Armies with standard issue Rapid fire weapons...Marines/CSM...saw the greatest buff.
    • Rapid Fire Plasma guns are the bomb, even better on a 2+ save model if you can get it.
  • Allies
    • Enormous topic, but let's hit the high points.
    • Everyone can take them...well except Nids
    • Eldrad will be cloned a thousand times...might as well learn all his we did not see him in Every Eldar list already.
    • Best bang for your buck?
      • Space Wolf Rune, great powers, still has 24" shutdown range on a 4+
      • shot at reserves if close, endless shooty acolyte squads...that are cheap and troops, he is also cheap
      • Ork Shoota Boyz: 30 fearless shoota boys with nob for 235pts...nice
      • Space Wolf Long Fangs....cheapest and best Devastator equivalents in the game
  • Secondary Objectives
    • "First Blood"
      • VP to the player who kills first unit.
        • This can only be earned by one player and will decide almost every close game your in; particularly in tournaments
      • Prepare your list to have some type of Alpha strike...your opponent will be.
      • Prepare your list and/or protect those units that are an easy kill
        • Rhino, Trukk, lone IC, etc.
      • Too many games will be decided by this, you want to be the one to get it.
      • It is worth sacrificing a unit to achieve this in most cases.
    • "Linebreaker"
      • VP to player that has at least one model from a SCORING or DENIAL unit in enemies deployment area at game end. 
      • Both players can get this.
      • Only Troops, not in a vehicle or occupying a building, non swarms, not falling back can claim this...or
      • A Denial unit...non vehicle, not in a vehicle, not a swarm, not falling back
      • This equates to if you can take bikes/jump packs/jet bikes you should take at least one unit for this purpose. Hordes should be race forward anyway.
      • Fast moving transports that have special rules regarding disembarkation are also good....Necrons
      • Teleporting is good....Necrons/Space Marines.
      • Back lines are good...Space Wolf scouts/Snikrot
      • This will also help determine many close games...prepare for it in your list and strategy.
    • "Kill the WarLord"
      • This one is a bit tougher to accomplish depending.
      • Can also be earned by both players.
      • Normal strategies apply.
End of Part One.

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