Saturday, July 21, 2012

6th Ed. "First Tournament 7.21.12"

Heading out for my first 6th Edition Tournament this morning.

I made a commitment to myself to play in tournaments with fully painted armies.

The reason for this commitment is to keep me motivated to paint.

I may later add "play ANY game with only painted armies."

For now I am limiting this commitment to tournaments for two reasons.

One, I am in an escalation league with Raptor Space Marines. Two, I would only be able to play Chaos Space Marines for a very long time. Though with a new CSM codex coming out in August or September....not so terrible a prospect.

The tournament today has a 1000 point limit. Further rules on allies and fortifications were not posted in any rules packet. So, I stuck to the basics and wrote two pretty standard CSM lists. I had to keep my list choices contained to those models I have painted as well.

Here are the two lists I am contemplating this morning as I prep for the tournament.

List one:
DP: wings, mark of slaanesh, lash
3 CSM terminators: 2 w/combi melta chainfist,
4 CSM terminators: 1 hvy flmer chain fist, 1 pwr fist
5 Slaanesh marines: Blast Master
5 Slaanesh marines: Blast Master
5 Slaanesh marines: Blast Master
2 obliterators

List Two:
Same but swaps out gear in one squad of Slaanesh marines; dropping the Blast Master and adding a Aspiring Champ with Doom Siren and adding a combi flmr on the combi melta 3 termie squad.

Obviously both list work in conjunction with Lash. I took these choices for a few reasons.

Might be "Lash's" last hooray. Trying out the terminators with the 6th edition changes. Blast Masters are much better at killing vehicles now. The army is mostly fearless and 2+ saves. Also get to play with new MC rules. The list also limits "challenge" shenanigans in my first 6th Ed outing. I have the option to DS multiple units (4) though I probably will not. The ability to DS at least one or two is good for getting the VP for  "Linebreaker." Lash and oblits and a DS combi melta termie squad are there to help be achieve "First Blood." Three troop choices in 1000 points should give me ability to claim enough objectives, even though they are a bit weedy at only 5 strong.

The reason I swapped for a doom siren in list two as these 5 guys will advance for midfield or further objectives so the DP may be able to get off an over the shoulder lash for the S5 AP3 doom siren flame template; which is also effective for units dug into cover or behind barricades.

Wish me luck and thanks for the read,


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