Monday, August 6, 2012

The Objective Marker

A quick update.

7.21.12 First 6th ed tournament:

 *Lost horribly first round to GK's...though many problems in game from too many GK's in squads to issues with wound allocation. But, I rode it out.

* Won second and third game, ending 5th.
* Walked away with $25 and free lunch for the cost of $0. So, a great day and really got a crash course in 6th Ed. rules.

Got two more games in over last two weeks, so 5 in about two weeks. 6th is starting to take shape in my mind a bit more.

I have also entered into a "negative dice zone" as in my dice rolling is at an all time low. In my last game I failed 15/16 3+ armor saves in a row and 3/4 2+ saves. I also failed 5/6 charges at 6" or less. This makes it really hard to assess anything and really sucks the fun out of playing for both me and my opponent.

So....I of course needed to buy some new dice, as pictured above, and will give them a go next week. If I like them I may pick up another set or two. The objectives come in handy as well...and could probably double as servo skulls.

I have also laid out some painting project as I work on a Nurgle CSM/Epidymious 2000 point army.

It is interesting to watch the community adjust to 6th and follow the TO's decision making process on what to allow in tournaments. I would suggest TO's play 6th as intended wherever logistically possible.

I have also just finished a 3 week higher repetition phase in lifting; getting most of my goals. They included; Bench 300lb x 12 reps for 2 sets, Overhead Press 170lb x 12reps for 2 sets, Squats 315lb x 12 x 4, Dead lift 415 x 5 reps, Bent Over Row 300lb x 12 x 2 (8,8 with no straps).

I began a low repetition higher weight phase on 8.5.12. Started off with 3 working sets of 3 reps with 350lb on the Bench. Today is squats where I will attempt 345lb x 12 x4 and Overhead Presses with 205lb 3 x 3.

Thanks for the read,



  1. Always give your stuff a read even though I don't comment too much. Here is some links for your dice

    Hope it helps

  2. Thank you for the read. I always appreciate any feedback.

    You know I did read both those articles! and I bought the dice pack with objectives. I will probably pick up another one so to have 24 dice.

    I plan to also paint up a dice box (can use a wooden picture frame from Michael's for like $4 us).

    I have never rolled so bad in all my years this last 5 games...I am kinda desperate!

    Both those articles where very informative and helpful, encourage everyone to check them out.

    Thanks much!




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