Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Objective Marker 9.13.12

Been too long since I posted. Work has been very demanding. When time is limited I try to hit the gym or even play a game of 40k.

But, no one wants to hear my whining about work schedule. Let's talk about what I have been up to:

1. Attended a local tournament on 9.1.12. Took Chaos Marines with Deamon allies. It was Nurgle themed with Epidemious to buff the army late game. Link to an 11th Company Thread here

Had some practice games and ended up taking Best General with 3-0 on the day. With infantry making the big comeback and flyers being ignored in many missions, the list has some good matchups....Tyranids, Orks, and blob squad guard particularly. Looking for the imminent rise of the new CSM codex to make the list even tougher...unless Epy gets the nerf bat.

2. Been consistent in the gym and set some new Personal Records or "PR's" in lifting lingo. See all the cross hobby stuff you can learn here? Anyway, cranked out 380lb (172kg) Bench Press, 480lb (218kg) Dead Lift in last couple weeks. Feel good here. Used to know a guy named "Notch" who said to me once..."You will never get as strong as you once were, so just lift for exercise." Yeah, this one is for you Notch.  My goal of a 405lb bench and 500lb squat are tantalizingly close and 3 plates on the bench and 4 plates on the dead lift occupy farther and farther in my rear view mirror. Weight stays the same at 275lb to 280lb (125kg-127kg). Other things went up, but this is high points.

3. Entering into a competition in November for charity and a training goal. Looking forward to it...but I will have to buy a lifting belt and wear a wrestling singlet...probably look like a total dork in that outfit...but will take one for the cause! lol

4. The Badaab league I was in got restarted after some dust settled when 6th Ed. hit and they needed more  Secessionist's. Lo and behold all this time the Executioners existed and I did not even know. They are loosely themed after probably the greatest American fictional character of all time, "Conan the Barbarian." Yeah, I am so into this. Here is a pic and link to a great blog with mucho Executioner work:
Fourth Company Librarium

Great work here...and Hell yeah I am stealing that paint theme.

That is all for now. I have some thoughts on the current trends in 6th and a nasty list idea which I will try to get up this week.

Thanks for the read,


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